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12th International
Alexander Technique Congress®

22 – 28 August 2022
Technische Universität Berlin | Germany

Congress Venue

It's directly in the heart of Berlin, adjacent to the large Tiergarten park as well as the Landwehr Canal and the Spree. It's also not far from the from the famous Kurfürstendamm, the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag.

The buildings are mostly modern and functional. Being a university building, it’s not the Queen's palace, but we fell in love with its vibe, the huge auditorium, its abundant amenities, and its innumerable nooks and crannies where friends can sit, chat, eat, and even engage in a spot of semi-supine.

We’re especially excited about a beautiful, spacious and bright open space spanning several floors, called the "Lichthof". We have nicknamed that space "the Angel Hall", and this will be where we will have our work-exchange stations and some great events.

It's a great place for students (that's us, right?!) to do all the things they want and need to do.

Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin Institute of Technology

Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Congress Fees

Find below our list of the Congress prices for different participant types.

We want to make this Congress as accessible as possible for all Alexander people.
That's why we offer a couple of new categories as well as the new Sponsor Ticket this time....

Early Bird Registration
Dates to be announced.
Regular Attendee € 750
Chicago 2018 Participant € 650
Attendee from outside Europe € 650
Trainee € 500
Regular Registration
Dates to be announced.
Regular Attendee € 850
Chicago 2018 Participant € 750
Attendee from outside Europe € 750
Trainee € 550
Late Registration
Dates to be announced.
All Registration Categories + € 50
Extra: Sponsor Tickets
Dates to be announced.
Sponsor a fellow attendee – All Registration Categories + € 50 (or more)
Please note that the above Congress Fees do not include accmmodation. But we'd like to be able to suggest some good solutions, get some deals or even coordinate some sharing to reduce costs. When we have all the info in place, we will add them to the website and we'll send an email about it. With the new Sponsor Ticket you donate the additional fee into a fund to support financially less able attendees. Details to follow...
More details on payment options and on how to apply for the special registration categories in the weeks before registration opens.
As we are very cost-conscious we continue to make a huge effort to bring an exceptional educational value to you at the best price. Your Congress registration fee includes, among other things: 6 days of learning from keynote speakers, plenary presenters, continuous learning, workshops, panel discussions, an opening reception, activities and entertainment throughout the week, a closing party, and much more!

Cancellation Policy

  • Before 1 March 2022: 85% of your registration fee
  • Until 15 June 2022: 50% of your registration fee.
  • After 15 June 2022: No refund will be available anymore.
In order to cancel your registration please contact us via email at We will then issue the refund via the payment option you’ve chosen during registration, unless desired otherwise. Of course, there can always be exceptional circumstances. So if things come up that are out of your control please feel free to email us to, and we will be happy to talk with you about your particular situation.
Email us at

Continuous Learning

We are very excited to also be able to announce the Continuous Learning (CL) teachers for the Congress. Check out this great list of CL teachers (in alphabetical order). We strove for a balanced selection from all continents, genders and societies.
More details on their classes and profiles will be available when we open registration.

  • Alan Philps &

  • Avi Granit
  • Caren Bayer
  • Carol Prentice &
    Michael Frederick

  • Cath y Madden
  • David Moore
  • Gal Ben-Or
  • Jamie McDowell
  • Jessica Wolf
  • John Nicholls
  • Lucia Walker &
    Sharyn West

    South Africa
  • Malcolm Balk
  • Nadia Kevan
  • Paolo Frigoli
  • Paul Versteeg &
    Tessa Marwick

  • Peter Nobes
  • Priska Gauger-Schelbert
  • Richard Brennan
  • Robert Britton
  • Robin Simmons
  • Robyn Avalon
  • Sarah Barker
  • Soile Lahdenperä
  • Ted Dimon
  • Tommy Thompson
  • Wolfgang Weiser
  • Ulli Pawlas

How-To Sessions

“How To” sessions are new to the Berlin Congress and are daily two hour sessions with teachers who have a deep knowledge on a specific topic so that we can learn how to do things!
How would you like to watch a master teacher giving a first lesson, and then discuss and work with the ideas? Or simply explore two hours of new ideas with an amazing teacher? Or…

We are extremely delighted to welcome our first How-To presenters: Rosa Luisa Rossi, Penelope Easten, Jeremy Chance, Peter Grunwald and Chyna Whyne. They will be giving a weeklong series of our new How-To presentations.

  • Portrait of Rosa Luisa RossiRosa Luisa Rossi
  • Portrait of Penelope EastenPenelope Easten
  • Portrait of Jeremy ChanceJeremy Chance
  • Portrait of Peter GrunwaldPeter Grunwald
    New Zealand
  • Portrait of Chyna WhyneChyna Whyne
  • Portrait of Dr Anikó BallDr Anikó Ball

Keynote Presentations

We are proud to announce these Keynote presentations for the Congress in Berlin. We look forward to learning from Dr. Philip Bull, Prof. David Anderson and Rachael Sullivan – who will inspire, educate and stimulate us all! The right words can give us strength and arouse our curiosity, create new ideas and projects, increase our knowledge and deepen our understanding of the Work. And a good question in response can open a world of new thoughts and imagination. We will Nurture Our Work with those presentations, in the beautiful setting of the TU's auditorium.

Portrait of David AndersonProfessor David Anderson– Exploring the science behind the Alexander Technique

Keynote presentation with Q&A

David Anderson is the director of the Marian Wright Edelman Institute for the Study of Children, Youth, and Families at San Francisco State University. Professor Anderson's expertise is in skill acquisition and the relationship between motor activity and psychological functioning.

He will introduce several phenomena that are currently being studied in movement science and sport psychology and which might have a bearing on our understanding of mechanisms underpinning the Alexander Technique.

These include such things as the Einstellung Effect, the Kohnstamm Phenomenon, Ironic effects, the Quiet Eye and the Grenier Technique. We'll have fun exploring how some of these phenomena might inform our understanding of the AT and might serve as profitable directions for further research and understanding. Professor Anderson will also briefly introduce us to a couple of the specific studies he has done on the AT.

More Information:

Profile, Bio, Projects (Department of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University)

Portrait of Dr. Philip BullDr. Philip Bull – Hypermobility and the Alexander Technique

50-minute Keynote presentation with Q&A

Hypermobility is a term that neither FM nor the 1st generation teachers would have known. It’s only in this century that Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (EDS/HSD) have become better understood and recognized in the medical field as genetic conditions for which there is no cure. Many people living with these conditions spend their entire lives managing their symptoms and are increasingly seeking AT for relief. We can potentially make a big difference in their experience by providing strategies for better postural support, calming the nervous system, and improving proprioception and balance, all contributing to their quality of life.

More Information:

Keynote Session Details
Biographies Dr Bull and panelists Carol Boggs, Ann Rodiger, Julie Barber
Dr. Philip Bull: Joint Hypermobility Syndrome – an Introduction
Ann Rodiger: AT and EDS
Julie Barber: Hypermobility - First Do No Harm
Andy Smith: An Investigation into Hypermobility

Portrait of Rachael SullivanRachael Sullivan– Marketing the Alexander Technique

Keynote presentation with Q&A

What is the Alexander Technique? Why isn't there more awareness of the Alexander Technique in the general public? How do we get it out there? How do we, as a community, can get more visibility? How do I grow my practice?

Having been instrumental in the recent STAT rebrand, Rachael understands the essence and key challenges of marketing the Alexander Technique. In this talk Rachael will briefly go over the STAT brand work whilst also sharing useful tips that you can implement to grow your business and better market your services in simple, yet effective ways.

More Information:

Details and Profile Rachael Sullivan
Article: Why Your Brand Needs a Content Purpose
Read more about 3rdspace
Rachael's podcast "Building Better Leaders"
Blog post: Reflections on her return from maternity leave

And for the first time, now that there's the technology available, we're also looking into making those talks even more accessible for all international attendees. We're investigating subtitles on the screen behind the presenters and possibly even some sort of automatic or in-person live translation. Providing we can afford it, of course. We'll keep you posted!

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