AT Congress® Berlin 2022

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Thank you!

Thank you for sharing with us the experience of the 12th International Alexander Technique Congress© in Berlin, Germany!

We laughed, we danced, we ate, we exercised, we paused, we swapped, drank, ran, jumped, swam, played, sang, listened, moved furniture, bought books, we cried, we got lost and found ourselves, liked and disliked, and loved. But above all, we created a great nourishing and open atmosphere. And, all together, we truly Nurtured Our Work, for a NOW that we hope will last long into the future.

Nurture Me (NOW)

Congress Theme Song


Icon: Heart floating over two spread handsFrom the bottom of our hearts we wish you the best in your next endeavors. We trust you arrived home safely, bringing with you a bucket of new experiences and lots of new friendships. We hope you had a good time, and that you will be inspired to go out there and be the seeds of change we all wish to see.
Until the next time Dear Friends: Love and Gratitude!
You are the ones who made this Congress amazing.

Love, Andreas and Rossella

Signatures Andreas nd Rossella
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Ah, one more thing…

The next Congress!

The 13th International Alexander Technique Congress© will take place at the beautiful University College Dublin in Ireland! The Congress theme is “The Embodied Mind in Action | Rethinking the future – Together we grow”.
Sunday, 3 August – Saturday, 9 August 2025.

Congress Directors:
Michael D. Frederick, Kamal Thapen, Michaela Wohlgemuth
We wish them all the best and lots of fun, energy and inspiration.
See you all in Ireland!

The fantastic presenters at the Congress in Berlin

Congress Program

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning (CL) sessions are given by very experienced Alexander Technique teachers. Pick two classes running over two days each.


How-to run parallel to the Continuous Learning sessions. These are daily two-hour sessions with teachers who have deep knowledge on specific topics.

Keynotes & Plenary Sessions

Special presentations by renowned speakers from outside and inside of our AT community.


Workshops are your chance to showcase the work. This year we offer three different  durations: Mini (30 min.), Medium (75 min.), and, to dive deep into a subject, XL workshops (150 min.).


Morning & Evening

Activities have doubled up and will now take place in the mornings as well as in the evenings!

Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Dance and more…

Teatime Conversations

Special interest groups – talks about a specific theme with a moderator and those who are interested in the topic.

Meet, share and learn from each other and maybe even create something new.


Meet new teachers from around the world. Get to know their style and receive practical tips.

Share your own knowledge and insights in turn.

You may also not swap and just teach or ask for a lesson.

Panel Discussions

The perfect opportunity to explore a variety of topics from different perspectives.

Get inspired, ask questions and join in the discussion!

Bob's Corner

Latest program updates, highlights of  events that have happened throughout the day as well as information about the following day. Plus, a daily fun German language lesson.

A short Congress segment with Bob and a daily special guest you do not want to miss!

Open Space

A week full of events can be a lot to take in and to process. This is why we make sure everyday there will be time with no official programme. It will be your time and space open to whatever you feel like doing, not-doing or perhaps even non-doing.

Evening Entertainment

The Congress is a place for everyone. Let’s celebrate our vibrant community. With music, games, walks, dance, movies and more!

Congress Walks

Let’s raise public Alexander Technique awareness in Berlin!

On Thursday afternoon we stroll through Berlin, and exchange work in front of major sights

= Flashmobs!


Free Afternoon

Sightseeing /
Congress Boat Tour

Thursday afternoon is free.
Use the time off to explore the endless sights Berlin has to offer.

Or join us on the Evening Dinner Boat Tour, exclusively for Congress participants!

We were so happy and thankful that so many of you were able to come and enjoy the Congress – despite all the difficulties we were all facing. Being together under the same roof and sharing the Work that we all love has been just wonderful. Thank you.

Rossella Buono & Andreas Dirscherl

Rossella and Andreas in a park sitting on a picnic blanket