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About the Congress

Welcome to the

We are delighted to invite you to the next AT Congress with the theme of “Nurturing Our Work”.
The Congress takes place from 22 – 28 August 2022 at Technische Universität / Institute of Technology in beautiful Berlin.

Each Congress is focused on exchanging practical information between colleagues to better our professional skills, as well as bringing in experts who will illuminate and expand our understanding of the Alexander Technique in the larger world.

Learning and Learning from Each Other

Profit from the World’s largest pool of AT expertise

We have amazing Keynote Speakers, Continuous Learning teachers and a huge variety of workshops presenters to explore movement science, psychology, marketing, anatomy and mindfulness to widen and deepen our knowledge  of mechanisms underpinning the Alexander Technique.

The Congress is open to everyone interested in the Alexander Technique no matter where they trained or the branch of “the Alexander tree” they come from.  The spirit is inclusive, without judgment or criticism, allowing free exploration of this Work we all love. 

Congress Theme

Nurturing Our Work

At this Congress we put the focus on the expertise of each individual teacher, on our collective wisdom, and on the diversity and uniqueness of our work. We are striving to offer a rich and varied program that enables you to make active choices and that allows you to make the Congress your own.

We warmly welcome all those interested in the Alexander Technique from a multitude of backgrounds in the hope that we all may meet, share, and move forward into the future together. The Congress encourages the participation of experienced and new Alexander teachers alike, as well as students on training courses. Alexander Technique pupils, and any other interested people, are also welcome to attend.

With your participation, we hope to deepen our understanding of the work, expand our skills, learn from stellar keynote speakers, and raise public awareness about the technique.

In short: We will be…

Nurturing Our Work – NOW!

Experiencing Community

You are not alone

Teaching the Alexander Technique can be a lonely job. As we share our knowledge of the work, we usually do it alone.
But to experience that we’re part of a great community, and that we are, in fact, not alone in what we offer, can be very powerful and inspiring.
The Congress is a great vehicle for this sense of community, of being a member of a larger movement, a force, able to make a true impact on the world. Through the days of workshops, plenary sessions and work exchanges, through the nights of shows, talking and dancing we meet and share and grow together. The Congress is a place where professional and personal relationships can flourish, the understanding of different traditions can create productive thinking, and the showcase of so many different projects can promote new interests and passions. And lastly, the Congress is a chance to connect with other people from all over the world. So then wherever you travel, there are always friends waiting for you.
When Michael Friedrick ran the first Congress in 1984 he started a beautiful story, coming to Berlin is choosing to be part of it.


  • You are a teacher who’s been to a Congress before and would love to come to Berlin.
    You are wholeheartedly welcome.
  • You are a teacher who’s never been to a Congress but would like to try one?
    You are very welcome, too.
  • You are a teacher who might feel a little intimidated by huge crowds or perhaps a bit scared of being judged by other teachers? You’re not alone. Quite a lot of your colleagues feel the same.
    You’re especially welcome.
  • You are a trainee, partway through your training and interested to experience the wealth of the global AT community and meet fellow trainees from around the world.
    Please come to Berlin. We have a special rate for you!
  • You are not part of the Affiliated AT societies?
    No worries. The Congress is open to all walks of the Alexander Technique.

And so, the Congress is open to everyone interested in the Alexander Technique no matter how experienced or where they trained or which branch of “the Alexander tree” they come from.

Congress Spirit

In the spirit of the International Alexander Congresses, we value the many approaches to the learning and teaching of Alexander’s work.

Registration for a Congress implies agreement to participate in this spirit of mutual respect, and agreement not to demean the person or work of other participants. All workshops and events are covered by the Congress fee, no exchange of money for private lessons is permitted on Congress premises.

We ask all those enrolling for their participation in fostering a supportive atmosphere where diversity is encouraged and respectful dialogue enjoyed.