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Congress Photos and Sharing Community

Congress Photo Sharing!

We are excited to invite you to share your own Congress photos and videos with everybody! We set up a cloud storage for all Congress participants just for this. Easily upload and download your favorite pics. To keep things tidy, we ask you create a folder with your name and upload everything in your folder.

Use this link and when asked about username and password enter the data we sent you in our After-the-Congress newsletter (we don’t want to share them here publicly).


Just one request: please only share Congress related media. (We will keep an eye on the folders 😎)

Official Congress Photos and Slideshow

Congress Photos

Our official photographer Ruth is happy to make her pictures available.

However, she asks that they only be used for private purposes. If you would like to use an image for your professional website or brochure, please contact Ruth and pay something for the image(s) (or exchange it for a session/workshop etc.)
Email: ⇗ ruth.hommelsheim@googlemail.com

Find all of Ruth’s photos ⇗ here

Congress Slideshow