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Welcome to the Congress!

12th International
Alexander Technique Congress®

22 ‒ 28 August 2022
Technische Universität Berlin | Germany

Hello! We are so happy that you are here!

Here are some helpful tips for your first day and today’s schedule.

If you can print your badge before arrival, just bring a lanyard and badge holder. If you cannot bring your own, we can help you out at the Congress Info Desk.

You don’t have to check in at the Info Desk if you have your badge.  Please wear your badge – that’s how we know you’re registered.

  • At the Congress Info Desk there will be 4 different counters: General Inquiry, MensaCards, Booklet, and T-shirts.
  • The Congress Info Desk opens at 15.00h (3pm) and stays open just before the Opening Night, which begins at 19:00h (7pm). The Info Desk reopens after the presentation, from 20.30h till 22.00h (8.30-10pm).
  • There will be AT games and three guided tours in the TU buildings throughout the afternoon.
  • You’ll get a surprise bag on your chair at the Opening Night in the Auditorium!

More Tips...

  • Food, Water, and other good info
    • The large cafeteria (Mensa) offers excellent lunch options. There are no dinner options at the Congress on Monday.
    • From Tuesday there will be food trucks for dinner.
    • Please check our ⇗ Food & Drink page for all food options and opening hours.
  • Bring your own water bottle, refill it anywhere. There are fountains in the Mensa area.
  • Special Congress Covid Tests are available in front of the main building. Tests are €3 each. It is best that you register for one here (select “Bürgertest mit Zuzahlung”): ⇗ https://app.testflow.eu/register/location/qfmigr5m2
  • No need to book workshops – but if the door is closed, the workshop is full.
  • Bookshop purchases can only be made in cash (Euro). There is an ATM (cash machine) in the main Mensa.
  • The Congress Online Ticket is 40 Euros for Attendees, recordings will be available until 30 September 2022, including an additional online-exclusive library of resources.
    Book your ticket here: ⇗ Congress Online Ticket – Info & Booking
  • If you still need to book or change your Continuous Learning or How To, please ⇗ email us.
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19.00 - 20.30h (7-8.30pm) | OPENING NIGHT

Event Details

This Keynote-Plenary Session has already taken place.

Lee Warren

Lee Warren
London, United Kingdom

Opening Night

Join Lee Warren, Andreas, Rossella and the Congress Team to experience a great start to this Congress!

The motto of the entire Berlin Congress is to put the focus on each teacher, on our collective wisdom, and on the diversity and uniqueness of our work. Everyone is welcome.
So in the Opening Night, too, we invite you to contribute to a great atmosphere and a marvellous attitude towards a week of wonders!

Lee Warren will guide us in creating

  • A sense of connection and community
  • An openness to have fun, be an active participant, not just a spectator.
  • An experience of transforming the fear of strangers into a sense of welcoming, respect, and inclusion.

Of course, there also will be lots of information about the coming week and the Congress program, the presenters and events
And for our entertainment, Lee Warren will perform some magic, of course!.

We are finally back together and everyone is bringing something yummy to contribute – let’s celebrate our community and let’s be

Nurturing Our Work – NOW.

Animated Fireworks Andreas and Rossella sitting next to each other while rasing their outer arms in excitement

About Lee Warren

Trusted by the world\\\’s leading brands, Lee has a reputation for energetic audience engagement, thought-provoking content, and hilarious delivery. Lee\\\’s audiences learn to sell better, network better and communicate better – and they have fun while they\\\’\\\’re doing it!

Lee had his first Alexander lesson in 1991 and trained with Karen Wentworth 1997-2000 at The Alexander Technique Studio in London.

As an AT teacher, as well as a private practice, Lee has taught at several drama schools, The Actors\\\’ Centre in London and at several global organisations.

Lee was a professional magician for 20 years, is a member of the world-famous Magic Circle and was described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’.

A lover of live theatre, Lee has written theatre works for The Almeida Theatre, and been a commissioned writer at The Royal Opera House. Fluent in Spanish, Lee is very good at playing the piano badly!

In a previous life, Lee was a sales director at News International, and he now combines this background in magic, theatre and sales to give presentations, keynotes, workshops and coaching to firms including Deloitte, Shell, Laing O\\\’Rourke, Roche, EY, Barclays Wealth and HSBC, helping people to become more persuasive and connected, sell more, present better and increase their ability to get their messages across confidently to colleagues and clients.

Over time, Lee was increasingly invited not just to perform magic to clients, but to speak at their events. Realising that this was his \\\’true niche\\\’, in 2010 he became a full-time conference speaker and workshop leader and since then has spoken all over the globe at hundreds of events.

In 2018, Lee\\\’s first book was published – ‘The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting’. In March 2019, it was the highly-commended runner-up in the \\\’Business Book Of The Year Awards\\\’.

He calls it his ‘first’ because he has four more planned in his head. Now, he just needs to find the time to write them…


See also: Lee Warren – Presenter Detail Page

Keynote-Plenary Session
Monday, 22 August 2022
19:00 h - 20:30 h (7.00pm-8.30pm)

H 0104 - Main Congress Auditorium
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0104 – Auditorium

🌐 Live-Stream | Recording


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20.30 - 23.00h (8.30am-11pm) | COCKTAIL BAR

Event Details

This Entertainment has already taken place.

Cocktail Bar

Daily Cocktail Bar to wind down with a nice drink (or two) and round out the Congress Day…

This is the Drinks menu

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Water – Sparkling / Still €2.50
  • Coca Cola €3.00
  • Non-alcoholic Beer €3,50
  • Mojito Lemonade (Non-alcoholic) €4.00

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Wine – White / Red / Rosé €4.00
  • Prosecco €3.00
  • Beer €3.50
  • Aperol Spritz €7.00
  • Gin Tonic €7.00
  • Mojito / Caipirinha €8.00
  • Negroni €9.00
  • Margarita €9.00
  • Shots: Vodka / Jägermeister / Tequila / Berliner Luft 2.50€

Note: There’s a deposit of €2 on bottles and glasses

Monday, 22 August 2022
20:30 h - 23:00 h (8.30pm-11.00pm)
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: Cocktail Bar Area


Let’s share, let’s learn, let’s nurture our work!

Have a great week!

Signatures Andreas nd Rossella
Rossella and Andreas waltzing in the Lichthof

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