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This Workshop-Medium has already taken place.

Karin Heisecke

Karin Heisecke
Berlin, Germany

Addressing and Challenging Patriarchy With / In the Alexander Technique

This workshop will explore the impact of patriarchy on our work as Alexander Technique teachers, the potential of the Alexander Technique to challenge patriarchy, and practical ways of doing this. Issues and questions that will be explored theoretically and through practical experiences include

  • our and our pupils’ habits related to gender dynamics,
  • gender stereotypes that we may unconsciously reinforce through our teaching style, and
  • our (potential) role as Alexander teachers in the context of broader efforts for societal change towards gender equality.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore ways to consciously and proactively integrate and address this issue in our work, whether as trainer of future Alexander Technique teachers or as AT teachers working with individuals or groups. We will explore ways to apply our skills in different contexts of our lives to contribute to a society free from discrimination and harmful gender stereotypes. Participants are invited to share experiences and good practices, and to join a conversation on the way forward (and up).

About Karin Heisecke

Karin Heisecke combines her practice as a teacher of the Alexander Technique with her work as senior political and philanthropic advisor. After two decades of living and working in various European countries, she has been based in Berlin, Germany, since 2010.

Karin has been involved in social justice activism, with a focus on women’s human rights, for more than two decades, and the Alexander Technique has been an integral part of her life / work / activism since she took her first lesson in the mid-1990s in London.

She is particularly interested in the potential of applying the principles of the Alexander Technique in the context of political decision-making processes and for people involved in activism.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
12:00 h - 13:15 h (12.00pm-1.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3013

AT Principles and Procedures||Everyday Activities||Practical Teaching Skills||Communication/Verbal Skills||DEI – Diversity/Equity/Inclusion||Connections to other Modalities/Techniques



Fully Practical