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This Workshop-Mini has already taken place.

Malte Holstad

Alexander Technique and Mindfulness

In recent years there has been a boom and widespread adoption of mindfulness aka meditation practice in almost every context one can think of. This trend was mainly driven by scientifically backed up and accordingly promoted teaching formats. Many Alexander teachers find themselves confronted with this development and try to find their place in this surrounding – especially since it can be argued that AT is a mindfulness practice, or at least involves aspects of it.

As a long term Zen practitioner and Alexander Technique teacher, who is also certified for MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), I have a special relationship to this topic and can see the interrelations, differences and potentials in the approaches. They can inform and enrich each other on a quite profound level.

When it comes to external perception, Alexander work can only benefit and learn from the professional appreciation, widespread success and legitimacy mindfulness practice has achieved in the last years. This has opened the door for many related approaches and AT is definitely one of them.

In this small workshop I will:

  • give a basic overview and common used definition of mindfulness as it is taught in contemporary programs, as well as its historical background, dating back to a man named Buddha 2600 years ago

  • draw connections to AT practice and identify similarities and differences between these two

  • reflect on how each practice can inform and enrich each other and why I think they are a perfect match

  • be guiding a meditation

About Malte Holstad

First I came into contact with the Alexander Technique in 2002 at the beginning of my art school studies. I had an accident at that time and was looking for a gentle way to recover and support the healing process. I still remember my first AT classes pretty vividly. Since then, AT has never left me. In all the places I have lived, I have looked for teachers and opportunities to further deepen the technique.
It was clear to me that I would eventually do the three-year training course, but other things seemed to kept getting in the way. In 2020 I finally made the move and started teacher training with Dan Armon, which I finish this year.
This change of sides, being in both, the pupil and teacher role, was a defining moment for me, where a lot of what I had previously accumulated came together.
My work is informed by a comprehensive knowledge of AT and its various styles. Many years of Zen practice, regular retreats and exchanges, and my background as a visual artist further shape my spirit, understanding and style.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
12:45 h - 13:15 h (12.45pm-1.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: 2 floor
Room: H 2038

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