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Joseph Weissenberg

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg
Bayern, Germany




Do you want more students?

May I refer students to you?

Would you like to teach various group lessons, even online?

In this workshop I will introduce to you two trainings I developed to help artist with their performance on stage. I have found that misconceptions about movements of the body and mind are performance blockers that prevent people from reaching their performance potential.
And this has led me to develop specific trainings that help reunite the body, mind and soul so that everyone can immediately get clarity on their #1 performance blocker… and how to overcome it and move the body and soul forward in development.

The first training is the movement balance training, which creates with the MAP’s (Master Awareness Points) and the Head MAP, which is actually in the foot, a wonderful learning experience and people have the mindset, that they can do something for themselves. And with the MAP’s and the active body lines, they have a clear concept how to do it.

The second is the movement listening training. It is an awareness program, in which you learn to let go of unnecessary tensions and noticing how your body thinks while moving. Movement listening has 10 different training applications with five levels each. Each training has 19 or 23 training sections. Infinite possibilities to teach numerous lessons without the need to repeat anything. The lessons include eye, arm, hand and fingers, leg, tongue, smile, face, torso, pelvis, breathing.

In this particular workshop I will show how to set up the basic outline for the eye release training application. These subtle and effective awareness training has a clear set up. People feel secure about the training and know exactly what to expect.

And what is the Alexander Technique approach with it? That is the wonderful part. It fits in perfectly, because I had always AT in my mind when I created these trainings. AT is the backbone of these trainings. You’ll see how you can teach this unit perfectly in a group setting or even online.

My approach is to unify body, mind and soul. And you can present even more, but that’s for the workshop to tell.

Love to see you at the workshop.


About Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

Joseph Weissenberg
Hi, I am Joseph Weissenberg and I have a PhD in Music. My Dissertation was a baseline study about “Alexander Technique and Stage Presence”. I published the book Alexander Technique and Stage Presence (german language) in 2015.
After that, I started to develop different trainings to help people on stage. It turned out to be more than simple trainings for stage performances. The beginning was the movement balance training and then quickly came the movement listening training.
What did I do? To be able to train the body and awareness online you need reference points. I developed two trainings which apply 12 MAP’s (Master Awareness Points) and two active bodylines.
I also started to work with constellations and use Soul Room Meditations to become acquainted with the soul, the inner self. I use it now to build the inner chi.
I have three different training approaches to help artist with their problems – body – soul – stage presence.
And this is the latest development, to train the inner chi using movement listening and soul room meditations in a workshop, combining body and soul with the AT as knowledge base.

Short Vita
1982 – BA in French horn
1995 – MA in Music and Dance Education, Salzburg – Recorder, Voice, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Children Musical Theatre, Early Childhood Piano Lessons
2000 – Alexander Technique Certificate – Teacher first year – Joan and Alex Murray, Urbana, second and third year – Ruth Kilroy, Boston
2002 – Alexander Technique Post Graduate Program with Rivka Cohen, Boston
2013 – Systemic Coach – Dr. Renate Wirth, Berlin
2014 – PhD in Music Pedagogy, Salzburg. Topic: Baseline study “Alexander Technique and Stage Presence”.

2015 – Alexander Technik und Bühnenpräsenz – (AT and Stage Presence)
2022 – Seelenraummeditationen, Buch und eBuch
Soul Room Meditations – ebook

Joseph Weissenberg
Hallo, ich bin Joseph Weissenberg und ich habe einen Doktortitel in Musikpädagogik. Meine Dissertation war eine Grundlagenstudie zum Thema \\\\\\\”Alexandertechnik und Bühnenpräsenz\\\\\\\”. Im Jahr 2015 habe ich das Buch \\\\\\\”Alexandertechnik und Bühnenpräsenz\\\\\\\” veröffentlicht.
Danach habe ich begonnen, verschiedene Trainings zu entwickeln, um Menschen auf der Bühne zu helfen. Es wurden mehr als ein einfaches Trainings für Bühnenauftritte. Am Anfang entwickelte ich das Bewegungsausgleichstraining und dann kam schnell das Training des Bewegungshorchens.
Was habe ich gemacht? Um den Körper und das Bewusstsein online trainieren zu können, braucht man Bezugspunkte. Ich habe zwei Trainings entwickelt, die 12 MAP\\\\\\\’s (Master Awareness Points) und zwei aktive Körperlinien verwenden.
Ich habe auch begonnen, mit Aufstellungen zu arbeiten und Seelenraum-Meditationen zu verwenden, um die Seele, das innere Selbst, kennenzulernen. Ich benutze sie jetzt, um das innere Chi aufzubauen.
Ich habe drei verschiedene Trainingsansätze, um Künstlern bei ihren Problemen zu helfen – Körper – Seele – Bühnenpräsenz.
Und dies ist die neueste Entwicklung, das innere Chi mit Hilfe von Bewegungshören und Seelenraummeditationen in einem Workshop zu trainieren, der Körper und Seele mit der AT als Wissensbasis verbindet.

Kurzer Lebenslauf
1982 – BA in Waldhorn
1995 – MA in Musik- und Tanzpädagogik, Salzburg – Blockflöte, Gesang, Klavier, Schlagzeug, Percussion, Kindermusiktheater, frühkindlicher Klavierunterricht
2000 – Alexander-Technik-Zertifikat – Lehrerin im ersten Jahr – Joan und Alex Murray, Urbana, im zweiten und dritten Jahr – Ruth Kilroy, Boston
2002 – Alexander Technik Post Graduate Programm mit Rivka Cohen, Boston
2013 – Systemischer Coach – Dr. Renate Wirth, Berlin
2014 – PhD in Musikpädagogik, Salzburg. Thema: Baseline-Studie \\\\\\\”Alexandertechnik und Bühnenpräsenz\\\\\\\”.
2015 – Alexander Technik und Bühnenpräsenz – (AT und Bühnenpräsenz)
2022 – Seelenraummeditationen, Buch und eBuch
Seelenraummeditationen – ebook

https://www.movementlistening.com – www.josephweissenberg.com

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Tuesday, 23 August 2022
14:30 h - 15:45 h (2.30pm-3.45pm)
Math Building
Floor: 1.OG (1st floor)
Room: MA 141

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