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This Panel Discussion has already taken place.

Well-hidden and NOW more relevant than ever: The Alexander Technique’s important role with regard to democracy and social justice

This Congress takes place at a time when humanity is facing an unprecedented level of urgent challenges. Wars are raging in many countries, the climate crisis and destruction of biodiversity threatens the survival of life on the planet, and persistent inequalities and discrimination, both within societies and globally, undermine progress for all.

We invite Congress participants to join us for an opportunity to hear and share ideas and experiences of addressing these challenges and to explore the constructive role(s) of the Alexander Technique in this context.

What is the AT’s contribution towards good political decision making and social interaction?

What is the role of good use of the self and individual and collective choices that affect individuals, societies and the planet?

Where and how is the AT applied by individuals and groups that work to shape the world we live in? And if not: Is NOW a good time to change that, and how do we want to go about it?

These are some of the questions that we would like to explore in an interactive discussion.

You are invited to actively join us in a conversation hosted by Karin Heisecke with an international group of AT teachers, including Constance Clare-Newman, Peter Nobes, Lee Warren and Sharyn West

There is no better place to kick off this conversation with the international AT community, than NOW 2022.

About Sharyn West, Lee Warren, Karin Heisecke, Peter Nobes and Constance Clare-Newman

Constance Clare-Newman
Peter Nobes
Lee Warren
Sharyn West
Karin Heisecke


See also: Sharyn West, Lee Warren, Karin Heisecke, Peter Nobes and Constance Clare-Newman – Presenter Detail Page

Panel Discussion
Thursday, 25 August 2022
11:30 h - 13:00 h (11.30am-1.00pm)

H 0104 - Main Congress Auditorium
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0104 – Auditorium

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