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This Continuous Learning has already taken place.

Back to Basics – Classical Carrington Procedures

The training course comes to Congress!

Our workshops offer the chance to experience or revisit the tried and tested classical hands-on skills and procedures that Walter Carrington developed from his close association with FM Alexander and are taught at the Constructive Teaching Centre. The teaching team will be led by CTC’s Director of Training, Alan Philps, who qualified with Walter and Dilys Carrington in 1985, and has taught on the training course ever since. During each workshop, Alan will demonstrate a sequence of procedures/games including use of the eyes, arms and legs, ‘hands on the back of the chair’ and ‘whispered ah’. After which, all participants will have the opportunity to go through the procedures individually, with hands-on guidance from a member of our experienced teaching team. This is an entirely hands-on workshop so numbers will be limited. The teacher-to-participant ratio will be high, as is our tradition at CTC.




About The Constructive Teaching Centre

Alan Philps, Director of Training
Alan trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington at The Constructive teaching Centre (CTC), Holland Park, London. Upon graduation Alan was invited to join the training course staff at CTC where he has taught ever since. Alan became co-director of CTC in 2015 and assumed the role of Head of Training in 2021.

As a voice teacher, Alan has taught and coached presentation skills in the executive world. Prior to coming to London Alan enjoyed a stage and television career as an actor and singer.

Alan supported Walter and Dilys Carrington as a teacher at the international congresses in Englebierg (1991), Jerusalem (1996) and Oxford (2004). He also taught at Lugano (2007 & 2011) Limerick (2015) and Chicago (2018). He is delighted to be leading the CTC team at the congress in Berlin.

Duncan Knowles, Assistant Director of Training
Duncan trained under Walter and Dilys Carrington, graduating from the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC) in 2001. In addition to his role as Assistant Director at CTC, Duncan has taught on Alexander Teacher Training Course in Madrid and NYC.

Duncan is an experienced voice teacher and coach, having trained extensively with Michael McCallion, author of ‘The Voice Book’ (a seminal text on voice and the Alexander Technique).

As an actor, Duncan has performed in theatre, radio and on television and taught the Alexander Technique and Voice at a leading theatre training school in London for fifteen years from 2001.

Alice Olsher
Alice Olsher moved from California , where she grew up studying acting and singing . In 1971 she moved to London where she attended the Drama Studio and met the Technique and her first teacher Mary Holland. After working in the theatre she trained at The constructive teaching Centre with Walter and Dilys Carrington. After the training Alice stayed to teach with the Carrington’s , Ruth Murray , Alan Philps and many other teachers.
In 2005 Alice returned to California and became a teacher trainer there still visiting CTC when she could. Alice is now teaching post graduate classes online and is pleased to join the CTC team once again to contribute in the CL in Berlin. It was Ruth’s plan to be there sadly she will not except of course in spirit.

Marta Barón
I trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre, graduating in 1999. I have been involved in training teachers from 2008 and I opened my own training course, Centro de Enseñanza Constructiva, in 2016. Within the Alexander world I love meeting new pupils and finding the way to help them to help themselves. In 2017 I published Man´s Supreme Inheritance translation into Spanish. I love hiking, cycling, dancing and being in nature. I am a keen reader and love going to new places and eating well.

Claire Butler
After a career in Events Management and years of chronic back pain, Claire trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher at CityATS with Brita Forstrom. After graduation Claire became the Administrator for The Constructive Teaching Centre and the Walter Carrington Educational Trust. Claire has completed four terms of postgraduate training at CTC with Alan Philps and is now teaching on the training course one day a week.


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Continuous Learning
Tue 23 & Wed 24 (Session 1)
Fri 26 & Sat 27 (Session 2)

9-11h (9-11am) & 15-17h (3-5pm) (Session 1)
15-17h (3-5pm) & 9-11h (9-11am) (Session 2)

Math Building
Floor: 8.OG (8th floor)
Room: MA 850

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