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Chyna Whyne portrait

Chyna Whyne

Chyna Whyne's How-to Voice!

Connect to the power of your true voice . Speak with confidence and clarity…sing from your heart.

About Chyna Whyne

Gorgeous, aspirational, inspirational, and kind, are just some of the words that describe the high heels guru Chyna Whyne who is a dynamic holistic artist-practitioner. Constantly wearing stilettos during performances caused chronic lower back pain, and having completed a yearlong world tour with Eric Clapton, she found she could no longer wear her heels. Fortunately she came across the Alexander Technique, and noticed an immediate improvement, which was all the more surprising as previous chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy efforts had all failed to deliver long-term results. Recognising the potential to help other who suffered with back pain, Chyna went on to study the Alexander Technique, In 1999 – 2002 , and was trained by Walter and Dylis Carrington at the Constructive Teaching Centre in Holland Park London. Now as a fully accredited teacher of the world renowned technique, she is now referred to as the High Heels Guru. Chyna’s multi-dimensional lifestyle helps to empower all who attend her yoga classes and retreats, walking in stilettos classes, Alexander Technique lessons and music concerts. Chyna is truly a dynamic artist with a difference. As an international recording artist she has toured with the greats; Bob Dylan, Seal, Peter Gabriel, The Who and more. Equally as important Chyna is further celebrated for saving hundreds of people from the trauma of long-term back pain.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
15:00 h - 17:00 h (3.00pm-5.00pm)
Math Building
Floor: 8.OG (8th floor)
Room: MA 841

AT Principles and Procedures||Performance/Music/Acting/Voice||Practical Teaching Skills||Communication/Verbal Skills



Fully Practical