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Portrait Robin Simmons

Robin John Simmons
Wallis, Switzerland

Dart Procedures For You And Your Teaching

The Dart Procedures offer a continuing inspiration and insight into the value and the workings of the Alexander Technique. Because you begin and spend much exploratory time on the ground in Dartwork you are in a safe environment where the initiation and sensory examination of all actions can be performed without fear or hindrance.

When exploring Dartwork we are freed from habitual behavior because the context is novel yet related to our deep past history. We have the chance to give ourselves time to genuinely examine our personal habitual ways of reacting (responding) to any demand to move either from inner promptings or from outside stimuli.

In this Continuous Learning session, we will see how working with the Dart Procedures can not only assist our Alexander teaching but more significantly it can help us to more deeply understand ourselves by revealing our evolutionary based habits of response that are often hidden from us.

Please bring a book to put under your head and have socks on (not bare feet).

About Robin John Simmons

I trained with the Carringtions (1969-71). Since then I have been continuously giving individual lessons. In 1982 I began training teachers and this continues today. Since I learnt the Dart Procedures from Walter Carrington when training with him, I have been continuously working with them and incorporate aspects of what Dart discovered in almost every Alexander lesson I give. In 2018, Mouritz published my book The Evolution of Movement which not only shows how to practice the Dart Procedures but also how the Procedures are grounded in the Alexander Technique. I am now invited worldwide to give workshops and seminars based upon the material in my book.


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