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This Teatime Conversation has already taken place.

Diversity in Training Structures – a space for sharing experiences and explorations.

There was a time when all AT Teacher Training Programs appeared to look essentially the same, in terms of format – meeting the same days/times/hours to satisfy a prescribed formula. There have been, of course, exceptions to that form from the very beginning. These exceptions were often called ‘alternative’. Some have argued that they are not ‘real’ or ‘substantial’, because they look (and feel) different. These ‘alternative’ choices have simply functioned concurrently, or perhaps in the shadows, continuing their curiosity and research around questions of form and structure regarding the training of Alexander Teachers.

But now, the ‘alternative’ structures and paradigms are becoming the new norm – to meet the needs of today’s world. The fact is, there are diverse options in training structures being explored and honed by many teachers worldwide, regardless of lineage or affiliations. It is a natural and healthy response to thriving in a changing environment.The balance is shifting, and we now find ourselves at a point where we might consider gathering to actually share the dynamic research that many training programs have been exploring over these past decades. Let’s open the conversation and benefit from our collective research, from our successes, challenges, and dreams of what could be next.

If you have been exploring different training structures in your program, as a trainee or trainer, please join us.
If you are curious about what options others have tried, and the results they have found, please join us.
If you are skeptical that other options could be successful, please join us.
If you just want to listen to the conversation, please join us.

We look forward to the sharing.

This Teatime will be led by members of the Alexander Alliance International faculty (MargareteTüshaus , Ann-Kathrin Fliege, Janine Stenkbruck, Astrid Lobreyer & Robyn Avalon).  AAI has been training teachers worldwide since 1982, using non-residential, self-paced, immersion-based, online-supported, flexible training structures, which are designed to meet the needs of trainees in the reality of today’s world

About Margarete Tüshaus, Ann-Kathrin Fliege, Janine Stenkbruck, Astrid Lobreyer & Robyn Avalon

Margarete Tüshaus

Ann-Kathrin Fliege

Janine Stenkbruck

Robyn Avalon


See also: Margarete Tüshaus, Ann-Kathrin Fliege, Janine Stenkbruck, Astrid Lobreyer & Robyn Avalon – Presenter Detail Page

Teatime Conversation
Wednesday, 24 August 2022
17:15 h - 18:45 h (5.15pm-6.45pm)
Math Building
Floor: 1.OG (1st floor)
Room: MA 141