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This Workshop-Medium has already taken place.

„Everyone has the power to stop the world“- Ethical means for a global turning point

Reducing stress and inappropriateness in the way we use ourselves has a far reaching effect on the way we live, the way we interact in relationships, deal with situations and resolve conflicts.
Step by step we reduce commonplace violence and cooperate with the wholeness of the world out of a deeper connection to what we are.
This workshop explores the ethical magnitude of the Alexander-Technique when, at the moment of engaging with the world, we work on ourselves.

About The Alexander Technique Initiative Berlin (ATI)

We are a collaboration of four Alexander teachers working to promote the Alexander Technique and its application in a wide social context.

We offer seminars, lectures and workshops designed to introduce and inform educational establishments, health and social institutions, businesses and the general public of the scope and comprehensive insight of this Technique.

This workshop, unique in as much as we are offering it for colleagues, is an exploration into an urgent subject, one, which is highly relevant to the times we live in, and rarely regarded as matter for the Alexander Technique.

Thomas Hoppe
@ th_hoppe@hotmail.com
Berlin – Germany
Born in Berlin. Professional musician. Double bass and electric bass. First Alexander Technique lessons in 1993, graduated in 2005 with Dan Armon in Berlin. Has been teaching continuously since then. Works as an assistant at two schools. With Dan Armon in the “School for Alexander Technique Berlin” and with Matthias Graefen “Alexander Technique Training Berlin”. Since 2018 member of the Alexander Technique Initiative Berlin, where we deal with the social relevance of the technique.

Susanne Middendorf
@ susanne.middendorf@gmx.de
Dipl Musikpädagogin
Dipl Lehrerin der Alexander-Technik
Körperorientierte Stimmbildung
Energetisches Heilen

Kontinuierliche Unterrichtserfahrung seit 2001
Einzelunterricht, Gruppen und Workshops

Assistenz in der Schule für Alexander-Technik, Berlin, Dan Armon

Vorträge über die Anwendbarkeit der Alexander-Technik im Kontext von Gesundheit, Musik, Stimmarbeit, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Spiritualität

„Der Weg zur AT hat sich mir über die Musik erschlossen. Als Sängerin bin ich auf einen funktionalen Körpergebrauch, eine gute Koordination, Flexibilität, Durchlässigkeit und ein hohes Niveau von Körperenergie angewiesen. Die AT ist wie ein fein justierender Kompass, der mit einem Gefühl für Stimmigkeit und für die Entfaltung des Wesentlichen den Weg weist. In der Tiefe aber führt uns die AT zu einem heilsameren Umgang mit Leben und zu den heileren Ressourcen in uns selbst. In den vergangenen Jahren habe ich begonnen, die Prinzipien der AT mit Ansätzen aus der Körperheilarbeit und dem energetischen Heilen zu verbinden.“


Beate v. Hahn
I first came into contact with the Alexander Technique while studying to be a classical singer.
Having spent a number of years in an opera house ensemble, I decided to “ride the horse backwards” and explore the essence of voice and expression.
The subsequent training in the Alexander Technique laid the foundation for a vibrant inquiry into a natural, free flowing authenticity and presence within vocalisation.
I am living and working in Berlin.

Jonathan Sheratte
I discovered the technique while at art college in 1986. It released a creativity and authenticity in my work, which was indescribable and unexplainable.
36 years later, as a co-director of a training course in Berlin, I discribe it and explain it.
And still the mystery remains.


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Wednesday, 24 August 2022
10:30 h - 11:45 h (10.30am-11.45am)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3025

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