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Kathy Privatt

Kathy Privatt
Wisconsin, USA

Embodying Your Faith: Been and Done

Embodying Your Faith is my ongoing project at the intersection of Alexander Movement Technique and Christian faith.  We’ll take a metaphor about tradition from the Christian faith back to the physical/observable to explore and maybe (hopefully) expand our relationship to God and to each other.  Participants from all faith and spiritual practices are welcome.

Alexander Movement Technique is the tool we’ll use to physicalize the metaphor.  In this particular work, the Technique guides us to examine how we live in ourselves (mind/body fused – not as separate entities), by reconnecting to our self-awareness, pausing to interrupt habits, and using process (rather than focusing on the desired result) as the way to encounter these ideas in new ways.

Please wear a pair of shoes, preferably that you really like, and that you are willing to remove during the workshop.

About Kathy Privatt

Kathy Privatt welcomes the opportunity to apply Alexander Technique to any activity, and deeply appreciates the connections revealed. She graduated from Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies with Robin Gilmore and Marsha Paludan, and was certified by Alexander Technique International in 2010. An Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, she teaches Alexander Technique Classes at Lawrence University, conducts workshops for a variety of communities, and also offers private lessons.


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Wednesday, 24 August 2022
14:15 h - 14:45 h (2.15pm-2.45pm)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3004

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