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Portrait Rossella Buono

Rossella Buono
Kent, United Kingdom

For the Love of Games

Games, activities, little “to do” – they all add up to create a repertoire to use when teaching, when explaining what we do during a dinner party, to wake up the audience etc.

My friend Anne and I had a collection of those – it turned into a book.

This large workshop, based on the book “For the Love of Games”, is going to be like a marathon. Bring a bottle of water, a snack and your inner child. Very simple structure – we’ll do an activity, discuss in pairs, move to the next one. We’ll alternate more active games with more restful/recharging activities. We’ll also look at some new activities developed in the last 4 years. We’ll finish with a well deserved guided semi-supine.

We also tried on Zoom, it was fun.


About Rossella Buono

Rossella, born in Italy in 1975, lives and works between her adoptive home in the UK, Italy, and Australia, where she trained with David Moore in Melbourne.

As well as running a successful practice as an Alexander Technique teacher in Canterbury, UK, and online, Rossella also teaches the technique at the School for FM Alexander Studies in Australia.

Rossella is the author of For the Love of Games with Anne Mallen, with beautiful illustrations by Melbourne artist Isobel Knowles. This collection of games and activities, part original and part collected over the years, offers a resource for AT teachers to begin working with groups, or add depth and variety to an existing group-based practice.

Rossella is also the co-creator and co-curator of Authors – not your Usual Book Club with Jana Boronova, and assistant to David Moore’s Smart Yoga and AT training courses in Melbourne. A keen proponent of collaboration, she has worked with Luke Hockley to offer the workshop Learning How to Learn, Jeremy Chance’s AT Success course and many more.

Her interest in training courses has taken her to New York, Germany, Ireland and all over the UK, to share work and present on the topics of marketing, activities, anatomy, working with groups and social media.

Rossella has a gift for organising, a dynamic personality and a down to earth approach to things, allowing her to join the dots leading to new content and collaborative projects. She sees the Alexander Technique as an effective and sustainable model of personal and social development. Bringing an inclusive and practical spirit to all her activities, Rossella aims to realise the Technique’s value as a resource to as many people as possible.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
10:30 h - 13:00 h (10.30am-1.00pm)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3004

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