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This Teatime Conversation has already taken place.

How to support pupils with emotional release during and in between A.T. lessons. 

My own experience with the AT started with the help I was getting in overcoming various symptoms, both physical and emotional of anorexia. Emotional releases accompanied my personal grow throughout the 3 years of training and later on in my life. And I have found the AT principles a core for staying with myself when facing the new and unknown.

„Don’t let your problem pull you down” – this saying of Walter Carrington has made me realized that all my Alexander Technique tools were helping me „not to get smaller” when facing my traumas and bursting emotions.

This was also a way I was trying to make my pupils become aware of their contracting, shrinking, stiffening and holding breath when thinking or facing difficult emotions.

As there is much more to say about it, I would like not only to share my experience but also to invite another AT teachers to add their views, skills and knowledge in this subject.


About Magdalena Kedzior

Magdalena (Dorota) Kędzior trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington at The Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC) in London and graduated in 1991. She was the first AT teacher to introduce the Alexander Technique in Poland and teaches it in Warsaw since then.

As her main reason to train was the help she was getting from the Alexander Technique in coping with and finally overcoming anorexia, she used to help young people in Poland to overcome eating disorders. Her book „Jeść? Nie jeść? Żyć” („To Eat or not to Eat? To Live”) was published in Warsaw in 1997.

Over the last 30 years she has introduced the Alexander Technique to various music and drama schools in Poland. For over 20 years, until 2022 she has thought the Alexander Technique in The National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. And she still teaches the Alexander Technique at the Postgraduate Studies of Voice and Speech Training at the SWPS University in Warsaw.

She runs her private practice in Warsaw teaching private lessons and running introductory courses for general public, musicians, voice people and riders. Her interest goes also to the help the AT gives when dealing with emotional problems.


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Teatime Conversation
Wednesday, 24 August 2022
17:15 h - 18:45 h (5.15pm-6.45pm)
Main Building
Floor: 2.OG (2nd floor)
Room: H 2037