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This How-to has already taken place.

Jeremy Chance
Tokyo, Japan

How To Work with Animals

How To Work with Animals – Alexander Touch Communication

Benefit: Develop your ability to communicate effectively through touch by discovering how various vertebrates communicate back their experience of your touch.

This class is about communicating wordlessly with Alescovery touch.

At her presentation in Oxford in 2004 – “Brain Basics of Touch and Direction” – neuroscientist Lucy Brown proposed a model for Alexandrian touch based upon the emerging scientific consensus that “emotional contagion” is a measurable phenomenon. For example: when you go into a room where there’s just been a fight, you pick on the “atmosphere” of the room. This is “emotional contagion” at work.

Brown proposed a model of “motor-sensory contagion” for Alexscovery touch.

Animals – including humans – know the difference between many different kinds of touch. Horses – in my limited anecdotal experience – can be patted, slapped or massaged on a tender spot without much reaction. However, try to touch them while attempting “sensory-motor” contagion, and their response is swift and definite – QUIT THAT!

This session is less about me presenting ideas, more about all of us sharing experiences. I will open with a short presentation and then propose various practical experiments along the way. It will be playful and fun – be ready to play-act as a dog or a horse or any animal you choose. It is open to anyone who has worked with animals of some kind – even if only one of your pets – or wants learn more about how to do that.

And bring a photo of your pet! (Or favourite animal)

Animals of the world – UNITE!


I recently wrote about a series of sessions I had with Mason, a smart ageing Labradoodle who came to love his sessions with me.


Come back to this summary, as I will add more reading material and preparatory tools so you can make the most of your attendance. Feel free to share with me any of your experiences that I can incorporate into the opening presentation by emailing to me at: bodychance@me.com

Bookmark this page and come back as I will be posting more details and references for you to better prepare…

About Jeremy Chance

Jeremy Chance, STAT cert.

Jeremy Chance has been studying Alexander’s discoveries since 1969. His book Principles of the Alexander Technique has been published and translated into 7 languages. Jeremy originally trained in London during the 1970s and continued his studies with Marjorie Barstow in the 1980s. From 1985 to 2002 he was the Publisher & Editor of DIRECTION, a Journal on the Alexander Technique. He was a founding member of AUSTAT in Australia and is currently a member of no Alexander organisations or societies. In 1999 Jeremy married and moved to Japan where he founded an Alexander Training School. Today he continues as Managing Director of BodyChance – still the world’s largest College of Alexander Technique Teacher Education, and now one of the oldest too.


Jeremy began his three-year Alexander training in England in 1976 with Paul and Betty at the School of Alexander Studies in Highgate. After qualifying, he taught at the E15 and Rose Bruford Performing Arts schools in London before returning to Australia in 1982.

In Sydney, he taught regularly at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), The Actors Centre and The Actors College, while also regularly visiting the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), The Conservatorium of Music and many other leading art institutions around Australia.

During this time he founded two Alexander Technique teacher training schools in Sydney and Melbourne – Directed by other teachers. The Department of Immigration told Jeremy it had a 6-inch file full of applications for Alexander teachers to immigrate to Australia.

Next, at a residential conference where Erika Whittaker debuted her return to teaching – Jeremy established the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT). What a mistake that was. From 1988 to 1993 he travelled throughout Europe and America, leading seminars and giving presentations to performing artists, business leaders, peer groups and the general public.

From 1986 to 2003, Jeremy was the Editor and Publisher of DIRECTION, an international Journal on the Alexander Technique (http://www.directionjournal.com) which is now being managed by Jean Fischer at Mouritz Press.

In 1998 Jeremy met Jaldhara, the mother of their children Grace and Angelica, and decided to settle in Kyoto and start an Alexander Teacher Training school. He initially named it ATA in honour of Don Burton’s trendsetting school of the 1980s in London. ATA eventually evolved into BodyChance and before COVID-19 hit, had 120+ trainees in the school – making it by far the largest school in the world.

BodyChance grew to this size as a result of Jeremy making a conscious decision to save his family by building his business. At 43 he embarked on a long-term project to become a master of business technology and over the next 20 years spent a lot of money and time studying his personally designed MBA. At first, Jeremy taught his own trainees how to gather students. Alexander\\\’s Discovery flourishes in Tokyo today as a result of his trainees using business skills learnt while training at BodyChance.

Out of this experience, Jeremy formed ATSuccess and began coaching Alexander teachers and trainees the world over. During this time Jeremy conceived and developed his 12-Point Plan for becoming a successful teacher. Today, the world’s largest online Alexander Training Organisation – Peter Jacobson’s Total Vocal Freedom – grew out of Peter’s association with ATSuccess. Many of today’s most commercially successful teachers have had some kind of contact with ATSuccess.

In 2018 Jeremy embarked on an expensive and ambitious program to introduce Alexander’s Discovery to corporations in Japan. He was about to sign an annual contract with a large corporation when COVID happened and the project fell into ruin. BodyChance also diminished from a peak of 140+ trainees to 68 trainees today. However, BodyChance survived COVID.

Jeremy still lives in Japan but spends as much time as he can in Australia to be with his daughters and family. He runs the world’s largest Alexander training school – BodyChance – and is about to embark on a major new project. If successful, this will constitute an unprecedented development for Alexander’s discovery, and a gamechanger for Alexscovery Teachers (AT) in Japan. Stay tuned…

You can keep in touch with my ideas by reading my (almost never) Daily email. Read what teachers say about it and sign up by clicking on the website link below…


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Thursday, 25 August 2022
09:00 h - 11:00 h (9.00am-11.00am)
Math Building
Floor: OG
Room: MA144

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