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This Continuous Learning has already taken place.

Identifying and letting go of 'Alexander Habits'

When learning the Alexander Technique it is easy to fall into the trap of adopting a set of new habits which can lead to lack of movement, rigidness and lack of spontaneity. At the 2nd Congress in Brighton one of the university caretaker was overheard commenting of the Alexander teachers: ‘I don’t know what these people do, but all I know is they all have something wrong with their necks.’ Alexander himself also said in 1946 ‘we have to stop telling people to free their necks because it leads to another form of doing’ During this Continuous Learning session we will see if we can bring more spontaneity and creativity back into the work without losing the essence. The only requirements are an open mind, a sense of humour and a willingness to let go of any preconceived ideas!

About Richard Brennan and Annedore Kleist

— Richard Brennan —
Richard Brennan has studied the Alexander Technique since 1983 and has teaching individual and group sessions since 1989 having undergone a three-year teacher training course approved by STAT (UK); he travels internationally giving talks and courses on the Technique. He has taught the Technique at many educational centres including Galway University, Limerick University, DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama (Dublin), Dartington College of Arts (Devon), and Middlesex University (London). Temple University (USA). He regularly teaches on holiday courses in Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia. He was a director of the 2015 Alexander Congress in Limerick as well as the 2013 and 2017 Alexander Teacher’s Conventions in Ireland.

He has written eight books on the Alexander Technique, which are translated into 22 languages and are on sale world-wide – the titles including The Alexander Technique Workbook, Change your Posture – Change your Life and How to Breathe

Richard has been the director of the only Alexander Teacher Training College in Ireland for the last 22 years, Ireland which is STAT and ISATT approved and is also a past president and the co-founder of the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers. (ISATT). He strongly believes that the technique is in essence very simple and easy to understand, but often it is made far too complicated and uses this believe as the basis of all his workshops.

— Annedore Kleist —
Annedore Kleist is a professional actor and experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique. She studied acting at the School of Music and Theatre Hamburg and since her diploma in 1991 she has played in many theatres including Theater Basel, Theater Wuppertal, Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Wiener Festwochen. Since 2002 she has travelled to festivals all over Europe with the Berlin based theatre company Nico and the Navigators. Annedore also plays in Film and Television.

In 2004 she finished her training at the School for Alexander Technique in Berlin with Dan Armon and ever since then she has specialized on working with actors and performers. She is also very experienced in breath and voice work. In 2018 she became a regular guest teacher at the Alexander Technique Teaching Training program in Galway, Ireland and now she is the permanent assistant of the course.


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Continuous Learning
Tue 23 & Wed 24 (Session 1)
Fri 26 & Sat 27 (Session 2)

9-11h (9-11am) & 15-17h (3-5pm) (Session 1)
15-17h (3-5pm) & 9-11h (9-11am) (Session 2)

Math Building
Floor: 6.OG (6th floor)
Room: MA 651

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