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Peter Grunwald

Peter Grunwald
New Zealand

Improving eyesight and vision naturally – Soulful seeing and integrating brain, eye, body function

Improving eyesight and vision naturally – (presented bilingual in English/German)

Soulful seeing and integrating brain, eye, body function – and letting go of the need for glasses along the way – or supporting you before, or long after an eye operation

If you, your partner, family member or your students are affected by near-sightedness, astigmatism, long-sidedness from birth or early childhood, developing cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, squints, floaters, detached retinas or shrunk vitreous humour fluid – this workshop is for you. Or, if you or your students had an eye operation previously, Peter’s Eyebody processes based on FM discoveries supports you to undo the original pattern before the op.

Discover distinctions between awareness and consciousness which affect positively the entire structural and physical fluid body, as well as the subtle auric field, long held emotional responses and Soul’s spiritual attributes. Peter discovered only recently fascia membranes attached around the ‘forward and up’ orientation within the thalamus of the brain. With this newly discovered pathways from the brain to the eyes he notices a profound effect of the sheer physical shape of the eyes, the extrinsic eye muscles and the corneas.

Participating in this combined practical workshop and Master Class asks us to dare surrendering to our personal embryology. Curiosity, readiness and a willingness for adventure are needed to undo the embryological pattern which govern your visual dysfunction.

It’s not the eyes which see, but the brain.

During his research, he developed specially formulated Eyebody Pinholes as a training tool in inhibition while engaging in a new practice of soulful seeing. They will be available during the Congress.


Sehen und Vision auf natürliche Weise verbessern –

(zweisprachig präsentiert auf Englisch/Deutsch)

Es geht um beseeltes Sehen und die Integration von Gehirn, Auge und Körperfunktion – und dabei die Notwendigkeit der Brille gehen lassen – oder Sie vor oder lange nach einer Augenoperation zu unterstützen.  

Wenn du, dein Partner, Familienmitglied oder dein Schüler/innen von Kurzsichtigkeit, Astigmatismus, Weitsichtigkeit betroffen sind, egal ob angeboren oder aus der frühen Kindheit, oder wenn ihr Katarakte, Glaukom, Makulardegeneration, Schielen, Fliegende Mücken oder Netzhautablösung entwickelt habt – dann ist dieser Workshop für dich. Oder, wenn du oder deine Schüler/innen zuvor eine Augenoperation hatten, kann Peter’s Eyebody Prozess basierend auf den FM Entdeckungen euch unterstützen das ursprüngliche Muster vor der Operation aufzulösen.

Entdecke die Unterscheidung zwischen Aufmerksamkeit und Bewusstsein, welche sowohl den gesamten strukturellen und physischen Flüssigkeitenkörper positiv beeinflussen, als auch die feinen aurischen Lagen, lang angestaute emotionale Reaktionen und die spirituellen Qualitäten der Seele. Entdecke mit Peter die Faszienmembranen welche mit der ‚vorwärts und nach oben‘ Orientierung des Thalamus im Gehirn verbunden sind. Mit Hilfe dieser neu entdeckten Pfade vom Gehirn zu den Augen hat er einen tiefgreifenden Effekt der physischen Augenform, der extrinsischen Augenmuskeln und den Hornhäuten wahrgenommen.

Die Teilnahme an diesem kombinierten Workshop und Master Class Format erlaubt uns es zu wagen uns unserer persönlichen Embryologie hinzugeben. Neugier, Bereitschaft und der Wille für ein Abenteuer werden benötigt um die embryologischen Muster, welche unsere visuellen Dysfunktionen bestimmen, aufzulösen.


Es sind nicht die Augen, die sehen, sondern das Gehirn. -> (Bildunterschrift)

Im Verlauf seiner Recherche hat Peter speziell entwickelte Eyebody Lochbrillen entwickelt, welche als Trainingstool das Innehalten üben und gleichzeitig die neue Praxis des beseelten Sehens fördern. Sie werden während des Kongresses verfügbar sein.




About Peter Grunwald

Peter wore glasses for 27 years for myopia and astigmatism. His glasses became stronger year by year. Addressing this declining situation seriously and committedly he discovered in the early 1990’s how to apply FM’s principles to the process of seeing. It took him eighteen months until he was absolutely free of his – 10.5 diopter glasses.

At that time, Peter discovered that within the visual system an entire map of the human body resides and that the eyes themselves link to corresponding structures in the brain that govern the body, the emotions and the ability to think and reason.

Peter discovered the primary control mechanism within the higher visual region of the brain connected with our Souls blue print. Deviations from this blue print let us glide into dysfunctions of brain, eye, body and environmental nature.

Peter trained between 1984 and 1987 at the Sydney Alexander Training School. Over five years he studied with Marjory Barstow in Australia. The combined trainings gave Peter the foundation in hands-on work as well as the creative approach of applying the process to a new frontier. From there on he developed the inner understanding of the synapses and pathways of the brain to the improvement of the eye’s ability to re-integrate its functions, structure and response to cell memories and spiritual attributes.

His latest book Soulful Seeing – Conscious Living or The Art of Embodying Soul is based on Inhibition and Directions with Peters extensive experience including emotional and spiritual attributes integrating brain, eyes and body.

Peter brings humor to complex circumstances. While at home overlooking Wyuna Bay beach, Coromandel Peninsular in New Zealand, he spends his time enjoying nightly sunsets across the ocean, dancing, walking, hiking, biking, gardening, meditating, enjoying belonging to community of friends and deep family bonds – and loving spending time with his children and wild grandchildren.

Some of his published writings are available at the Congress in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Private Sessions available: Peter is available from 20-22 August for a series of sessions in Berlin. This is prior to the congress and a great opportunity to work individually with Peter. For bookings contact info@eyebody.com

For a full teaching program on workshops, 6 –day practice retreats around the world as well as a 3-week intensive only held in NZ visit www.eyebody.com

NB: If your interest is hosting a program with Peter or with some of his teaching staff, or are interested in translating a published Eyebody book into your native language, please contact Peter directly at info@eyebody.com or connect with him during the congress.


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Saturday, 27 August 2022
09:00 h - 11:00 h (9.00am-11.00am)

H 0104 - Main Congress Auditorium
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0104 – Auditorium

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