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Regina Stratil

Regina Stratil

Irene Tasker – insights from her life, work and writings

Irene Tasker (1887-1977) was a close assistant to F. M. Alexander and a pioneering Alexander Technique teacher. After she first had lessons with Alexander in 1913, she became (alongside Ethel Webb) his assistant in 1918. In 1924, and with Alexander’s support, she started the “Little School”, a school for children, using Alexander Technique principles as the foundation of all the school work. In 1935 Tasker went to South Africa where she single-handedly introduced the Alexander Technique to a new country and thereby became the first teacher and non-family member who started an independent teaching practice. Despite certain disagreements between Tasker and Alexander, they maintained a very friendly and respectful relationship, which is palpable from letters and from notes she took during visits to Alexander’s teacher training course (starting in 1931), a refresher course in 1937, and lessons she took with Alexander throughout the years.

This will be a lecture rather than a workshop. After a very brief overview of Irene Tasker’s life and her contributions to the Alexander Technique, I will talk about the origins of application work and then focus on a few interesting insights from Irene Tasker’s notebooks.

About Regina Stratil

Regina trained with Karen Wentworth in London and has been running her own Alexander Technique teaching practice ever since. In January 2022 Regina started teaching at Jean Fischer’s teacher training course at the Alexander Technique Studio in Graz, Austria. Regina is a long-time practitioner of Aikido.
For several years she assisted the manager at the Walter Carrington Educational Trust and was working at the Walter Carrington Archives. During her work at the archives she came across material by Irene Tasker which sparked her interest in the history of the Alexander Technique. Regina has researched the life and work of Irene Tasker (1887-1977), an influential early assistant of F. M. Alexander and a pioneering teacher of the Alexander Technique. Regina’s biography – “Irene Tasker – Her Life and Work with the Alexander Technique” – was first published by Mouritz in September 2020; in 2022 a paperback edition was published.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
12:45 h - 13:15 h (12.45pm-1.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: EG – ground floor
Room: H 0112

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