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Kamal Thapen

Kamal Thapen
Kent, United Kingdom

Movie Night: Kamal Thapen presents videos from the FM Alexander Trust

On a voluntary basis, Kamal has been both a Director and former Chair of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and is currently a trustee and Chair of the FM Alexander Trust. It is mainly in this capacity that he is hosting an evening of watching and discussing some Alexander Technique videos which are freely available on the FM Alexander Trust website, https://alexandertrust.org.uk

About Kamal Thapen

Kamal Thapen trained to be an Alexander Technique teacher with Walter Carrington after a long career in business. On top of his private practice of teaching Alexander Technique and Tai Chi he also the assistant to Brita Forsstrom at the City Alexander Technique School in London. He has also been working with Claire Rennie at HITE Ltd, an Alexander Technique based training and publishing company. HITE has published nine books on the Technique with a tenth due this year.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
18:30 h - 19:30 h (6.30pm-7.30pm)

H 0104 - Main Congress Auditorium
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0104 – Auditorium