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Portrait Gal Ben-Or

Gal Ben-Or
Mate-Ehuda, Israel

Keeping it simple

Alexander found a few fundamental principles governing the whole range of human psycho-physical activity.

He then developed a technique in order to teach other people what he found.

The ‘Alexander technique’ englobes the principles as well as the techniques to teach them and apply them to everyday life activities.

Alexander left us indications, showing us how we can continue the work.

This includes the necessary means and procedures to create a practical understanding of the process as a whole.

In the workshop we will explore and reexamine some of the basic principles and procedures, step by step, as well as the teaching methods required in order to transmit them in a reliable and truthful way.

We will deal in a practical way with subjects such as:

‘Giving directions’- What are directions? Why is it necessary to give directions? How to give directions?

‘A position of mechanical advantage’- What is the advantage? How to use this in teaching the technique and in everyday life activities?

The reciprocal relations between ‘giving directions’ and ‘a position of mechanical advantage’.

‘Conception’ as a major influence on the way we use ourselves and our difficulties to see this in ourselves.

The connections between ‘sensory appreciation’ and ‘conception’ and how ‘faulty sensory appreciation’ leads to ‘misconception’.

‘Thinking in activity’- what does this mean? How is it possible?

And more.

About Gal Ben-Or

A teacher of the Alexander Technique, developed a unique method for working with children, youth and parents in accordance with the principles of the Alexander Technique

Education: Graduated in 1988 from the Jerusalem School for the Alexander Technique, under the direction of Schmuel Nelken

1998-2002: Established and directed the non-profit organization \”Mishal\”, founded in April 1998 by the parents of children who had been helped by the Alexander Technique.

2001-2006: Member of the professional team at a residential institution for teenagers at risk

Teacher of the Alexander Technique at various institutions: “Yedida”, for adults suffering from light or medium retardation; “HaTene”, a Jerusalem school for special education; Ilan Children’s Hospital; ‘HaSatat”, a teacher of the Alexander Technique at “Kessem” School Jerusalem municipal nursery school.
Teacher of the Alexander Technique at “Kessem” School.

2004-2006: Chairman of the Israeli Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (ISTAT)

2008: Chairman of the professional organization for complimentary medicine

Director of the training course for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Jerusalem.
Associate Director of the training course for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Tel-Aviv;
maintains clinics for the Alexander Technique in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for adults and children.

Personal: Born 1963, married with 3 children


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Continuous Learning
Tue 23 & Wed 24 (Session 1)
Fri 26 & Sat 27 (Session 2)

9-11h (9-11am) & 15-17h (3-5pm) (Session 1)
15-17h (3-5pm) & 9-11h (9-11am) (Session 2)

Math Building
Floor: 8.OG (8th floor)
Room: MA 851