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Leonardo Canales

Leonardo Canales
Tasmania, Australia

Kinetic play

Movement improvisation that everyone can do.
Games, exercises and procedures coming from the performing arts world, no previous experience required. Expect Following and Leading, Giving and Receiving.
Accept, Modify and Offer will be the drivers to create your choreographic participation.
You are welcome, even if you want to come just for the fun of observing the process.

About Leonardo Canales

Leonardo Canales graduated from the School for F.M. Alexander Studies (Melbourne, Australia) is a mindful and enthusiastic Alexander Technique teacher, effective and innovative in his exploration of the actor’s possibilities of expression.
While his theatre background brought him into the Alexander Technique, Leonardo has also extensive experience working with a large range of different people in finding ease of motion. He has been exploring the application of the Technique to performing arts as well as to different other activities like yoga, dance, swimming and more, please. His lessons incorporate dynamic elements from theatre practice and the scientific point of view of the Technique.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
17:15 h - 18:15 h
Room not yet assigned


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