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This Teatime Conversation has already taken place.

Let’s Save the Alexander Technique NOW!

The Challenge:
Globally, there is an increasing concern regarding the ongoing decline in the number of Alexander Technique teachers and training schools and that public interest in the Alexander Technique has dwindled.

As modern society continues to prioritize the use of technological resources, Alexander Technique has fallen increasingly behind in relevance and trust. The educated global citizen is technologically savvy and has high expectations of internet and social media resources, which the Alexander Technique community has not successfully provided yet.

Furthermore, when potential new students investigate Alexander Technique online, they often become confused about the Technique because of the lack of consistent messaging and seemingly amorphous teachings that are often confused with other modalities. In a modern world where technological awareness and sophistication reign supreme, how do we compete with internet noise and countless somatic options? How can any meaningful change occur if Alexander Technique communities do not learn to reconcile their differences? How do we save our work?

The Solution:
Michael Mah (Secretary-Treasurer) and Heather Campbell (President) of Alexander Technique Canada, will lead a discussion about these challenges and potential solutions to push the Alexander Technique forward as part of a global initiative. All attendees of the Congress are invited to contribute their ideas, talents, and resources as part of an international effort to establish long-term stewardship of the Alexander Technique.

The goal is to develop connections between teachers and Alexander Technique organizations, share effective strategies to reshape the public presentation of Alexander Technique, and increase its relevance in a modern world. They will also present proactive ideas by showcasing Alexander Technique Canada’s new website, marketing strategies, and community-oriented campaigns. These discussions will establish the vital connections needed to build better, more resonant global internet platforms together in a way that brings AT teachers and the profession together in a unified direction.

The Vision:

  1. Survival requires that we come together, set our differences aside, and promote the strengths of each of our diverse traditions
  2. The Alexander Technique profession needs to clarify its message regarding its skills and principles to distinguish it from other modalities
  3. We must build public trust and credibility through the development of modern internet platforms, robust social media, and marketing strategies
  4. Sharing of ideas, resources, and communication can help Alexander Technique organizations shift their priorities away from insular management and toward community engagement

A New Collective:

Following the discussion, Alexander Technique Canada will accrue a list of names and organizations that are interested in moving AT forward together. It plans on hosting an International online forum where Alexander Technique organizations and teachers can freely exchange ideas and resources to better promote themselves. Collective future goals can include engaging in:

  • global marketing campaigns
  • a universal Alexander Technique website resource
  • the establishment of international programs in which member organizations will be able to share resources, have international student exchanges, and participate in international masterclasses, among many other potential projects.

Together, let’s move Alexander Technique into the future!

About Michael Mah and Heather Campbell

Michael Mah

Michael Mah was elected to the Council of Alexander Technique Canada, in 2018 as the Treasurer. A year later, he took on expanded duties as Secretary-Treasurer and has been instrumental in steering the professional body throughout the challenges of the pandemic. Most recently, he was appointed the chair of the Marketing Committee and is the project manager for its new comprehensive AT website coming soon.

As a passionate educator, Michael has presented masterclasses and workshops internationally on the Alexander Technique with a focus on interdisciplinary applications and functionality. He has an ongoing collaborative partnership with the University of British Columbia School of Music and has presented at the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene. In his private practice, Michael enjoys guiding his students to using AT for the benefit of their unique talents and interests.

Michael completed his Alexander Technique Training at the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique and continues his professional development at the International AT Congresses. Previously, he received a Bachelor of Music in Performance from the Eastman School of Music under the tutelage of Jon Manasse (Principal Clarinet, Soloist – Metropolitan Opera, New York Ballet)


Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell is a classically-trained pianist, accompanist and Alexander Technique teacher. She earned a Bachelor and Master of Music in Piano Performance, as well as a Master of Arts in Philosophy, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of Toronto.

Heather has been teaching Alexander Technique since the 1990s and piano since the 1980s with a particular interest in the application of the Technique to music performance. In addition to her ongoing piano and Alexander Technique studio, international workshops and masterclasses, she is currently writing a comprehensive book on Alexander Technique at the piano.

Heather has worked and volunteered in the non-profit sector, mostly in a leadership capacity since the 1980s, including the National Ballet of Canada and the Canadian Opera Company. She co-founded and was President of The Healing Cycle Foundation for ten years, raising millions for palliative care in Ontario, Canada.

She is President of Alexander Technique Canada, former chair of its Professional Conduct Committee, has been an ATAS (Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies) representative for Canada since 2018 and recently was elected to the Secretariat of ATAS.

Heather’s 35 years of volunteerism has been recognized with local and national awards, including the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada in 2018.


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Teatime Conversation
Wednesday, 24 August 2022
17:15 h - 18:45 h (5.15pm-6.45pm)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3007