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Portrait Andreas Dirscherl

Andreas Dirscherl
Bavaria, Germany

Let's look at the skeleton – and discover directions

In this workshop, I will offer yet another way of exploring our basic Alexander directions – just by looking at the (human) skeleton.

  • In working with students and trainees over the years, I’ve discovered that the skeleton can directly teach us very useful practical connections and directions.
  • Every observation will be “put to the test” as we explore the immediate practical effect on use, in ourselves, and when putting hands on.
  • I would like this workshop to be a lab for exchanging ideas and playing with directions
  • My intention is not to challenge your tried and established ideas, but expand your toolbox and give you additional ways to instruct your students.

Disclaimer: We’re alive, human beings, not just matter. And it is definitely not about posture! Yet there are positions of mechanical advantage. Especially useful for beginners.

We’ll be looking at

  • The skeleton as a whole from all sides – what do you notice
  • The line head-spine-legs-feet
  • From the sternum to the sacrum
  • Position of the arms in relation to the legs
  • Hands-arms-shoulders
  • Inherent balance vs. inherent imbalance
  • What’s in front of the spine, what’s behind
  • From 4-footed animal to supported biped
  • Looking at the “monkey” from a skeletal perspective

… and more!

About Andreas Dirscherl

Andreas has been teaching the Alexander Technique continuously in his own studio in Munich since 2005. In 2009, he became Assistant Teacher with a training course in Munich, where he taught until 2015. In this time, Andreas repeatedly substituted for the Head of Training – at one point, he has been running the training course for a period of seven months.

For over 20 years, Andreas has also been a well-known radio presenter and newscaster with the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian public radio) where he regularly presents the news and can be heard in various radio features and radio plays.

He offers regular introductory AT workshops, is a visiting teacher in several German-speaking AT schools and gives Alexander Technique Workshops throughout Europe.
Combining his practical experiences in front of the microphone with AT principles, he developed a series of voice-oriented workshops. Other specialised workshop formats include “Practical Everyday Anatomy”, “The Power of Doing it Wrong”, and “AT in the Digital Age”.

Andreas is very interested in connecting teachers and exchanging experiences and ideas. He was a founding member of the Munich Alexander Cooperation and has been participating in the AT work exchange in the Munich Area whenever possible.

With a like-minded AT teacher, he co-created an easy-to-follow toolset for AT beginners called the “Alexander Basisplan” – for which he created a website and a free smartphone app that features audio narration, a diary and a reminder function (an English version “Alexander Technique Basic Steps is in the works).
Andreas was part of the Congress team for the 2011 AT Congress in Lugano, where he was in charge of designing and maintaining the website. He is also very involved with the German AT society (ATVD) where he, among other things, co-conducted the first extensive member survey form in 2018/19.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
12:00 h - 13:15 h (12.00pm-1.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: 2.OG (2nd floor)
Room: H 2037

Everyday Activities||Practical Teaching Skills||Anatomy



Fully Practical