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Jana Boronova portrait

Jana Boronova
Prague, Czech Republic

MFK Method: Information Science in Physiotherapy and its relevance to the Alexander Technique

MFK METHOD is a comprehensive and highly effective approach to physiotherapy. It combines the hands-on work with a unique computer software system. This combination translates subjective findings of the musculoskeletal system into a simple visual imagery, and this visual representation enables the client to engage further in the healing process. Even though the method was originally developed for physiotherapists, it has been successfully used by other bodywork professionals as well.

As Alexander teachers we do not want to limit ourselves to working with muscle testing only. However, I found that providing some students with a clear visual image of disbalancies caused by insufficient engagement of certain muscle groups helps them to see the interdependence of the whole system. The MFK software is also very useful in recording injuries, painful areas and other changes and projecting them on the final image – a great way of keeping notes. In my experience, the MFK method can become a useful complementary tool for the Alexander Technique teachers.



About Jana Boronova

Jana trained at David Moore’s Melbourne school and was certified as an Alexander Technique teacher and Smart Yoga teacher in 2015. She was working at the Melbourne Alexander School before returning to Europe in 2019. Afterwards she stayed in touch with David and during lockdown helped him set up his Smart Yoga Online Teacher Training. At the same time she was working with Rosella Buono on Authors – Not Your Usual Book Club series which will be back for season five this autumn.

An avid snowboarder and skier, she has been part of the Ease on Skis project for many years. Together with Erik Bendix and Christoph Bacher she has been teaching regular EOS workshops in Austria.

During her Alexander training she came across Shaw Method which greatly improved her swimming skills. She found many links between Shaw Method and Ease on Skis and decided to train to become a certified Shaw Method teacher in 2019. She loves working with swimmers and skiers of all levels.


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Wednesday, 24 August 2022
14:15 h - 14:45 h (2.15pm-2.45pm)
Main Building
Floor: 2.OG (2nd floor)
Room: H 2037

Anatomy||Connections to other Modalities/Techniques



Fully Practical