AT Congress® Berlin 2022

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Barbro Olsson

Barbro Olsson

Qigong – a great start of the day

We start the day with slow and harmonious movements to ease into an active day.
These Qigong movements are simple to follow, also for a beginner. We stretch, bend and spiral our body, so blockages, stiffness and tension can release and it will be easier for energi/qi to flow. Being supported by earth, we collect Qi from heaven to our centre/dantien. After movements we will be still for a short time.
Leaving the morning class with more energy and a calm body and mind.

About Barbro Olsson

Barbro Olsson Eekenulv lives in Göteborg, Sweden. She has worked as an Alexander Technique teacher since 1988. Trained at ATTC, in Totnes, England and became a qigong instructor 1995. She teaches Alexander Technique in her own studio and at the Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg. She has qigong classes at a Spa. She loves elephants, cats, reading books, baking and eating cakes, chocolate and to have a laugh with nice people.


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Thursday, 25 August 2022
07:00 h - 07:45 h
Room not yet assigned


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