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Peter Grunwald

Peter Grunwald
New Zealand

Seeing, hearing, playing – the musician’s struggle in integrating all

Musicians’ face a vast array of complexity. At the core, this means to have stewardship for Self, and at the same time mastering your singing voice or instrument with creative perfection, handling your own sound in midst of the sounds of your fellow musicians, reading the sheet music, tuning into the beat and rhythms, uniting with the attentiveness for the conductors intentions and impulses. At the same time, connecting with the audience – while simultaneously continuing the whole lot – staying with it on an always changing landscape.

Dealing with rising feelings of imperfection when you didn’t quite hit the note, with uncertainty, confusion, fears, anxieties, frustrations, lack of self-esteem, over controlling, end-gaining to one extreme and mind-wandering on the other when you feel overwhelmed or cut off.

At the same time-sharing the depth of your feelings and soul with a lot of vulnerability in public, in front of the audience, and then leaving the concert to go home exuberant, exhilarated, or lethargic – or anything in between.

Puhhh, quite a lot to juggle!

Developing the intent for presence as an inhibition tool is a key element versus habitually over focusing or under focusing.

Let’s hear the difference when we play with presence from a different region of our brain, creatively envisaging the content of the music from Soul. Let the music be powered by Consciousness, let consciousness affect the entirety of the brain, eyes, ears, the body’s ability to move effortlessly, to become able to connect with our music, the conductor, the fellow musicians and the audience – all this simultaneously, effortlessly, three-dimensionally with joy and soulfulness.

Participating in this combined workshop and Master Class of a different kind, Peter will give you practical steps in the right direction to playing music as well as to listening and teaching in a way that includes the delicate visual system and the brain.

Attending can also give you an experience of the extraordinary – and some of you will even be able to let go of the need for glasses or contacts.

In Peter’s Master Class he will guide students hands-on to undo some of these habitual patterns through the integration of the entire visual system. If you want to explore this practically with him supporting you, bring your instrument – you may be one of the chosen few.



About Peter Grunwald

Peter wore glasses for 27 years for myopia and astigmatism. His glasses became stronger year by year. Addressing this declining situation seriously and committedly he discovered in the early 1990’s how to apply FM’s principles to the process of seeing. It took him eighteen months until he was absolutely free of his – 10.5 diopter glasses.

At that time, Peter discovered that within the visual system an entire map of the human body resides and that the eyes themselves link to corresponding structures in the brain that govern the body, the emotions and the ability to think and reason.

Peter discovered the primary control mechanism within the higher visual region of the brain connected with our Souls blue print. Deviations from this blue print let us glide into dysfunctions of brain, eye, body and environmental nature.

Peter trained between 1984 and 1987 at the Sydney Alexander Training School. Over five years he studied with Marjory Barstow in Australia. The combined trainings gave Peter the foundation in hands-on work as well as the creative approach of applying the process to a new frontier. From there on he developed the inner understanding of the synapses and pathways of the brain to the improvement of the eye’s ability to re-integrate its functions, structure and response to cell memories and spiritual attributes.

His latest book Soulful Seeing – Conscious Living or The Art of Embodying Soul is based on Inhibition and Directions with Peters extensive experience including emotional and spiritual attributes integrating brain, eyes and body.

Peter brings humor to complex circumstances. While at home overlooking Wyuna Bay beach, Coromandel Peninsular in New Zealand, he spends his time enjoying nightly sunsets across the ocean, dancing, walking, hiking, biking, gardening, meditating, enjoying belonging to community of friends and deep family bonds – and loving spending time with his children and wild grandchildren.

Some of his published writings are available at the Congress in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Private Sessions available: Peter is available from 20-22 August for a series of sessions in Berlin. This is prior to the congress and a great opportunity to work individually with Peter. For bookings contact info@eyebody.com

For a full teaching program on workshops, 6 –day practice retreats around the world as well as a 3-week intensive only held in NZ visit www.eyebody.com

NB: If your interest is hosting a program with Peter or with some of his teaching staff, or are interested in translating a published Eyebody book into your native language, please contact Peter directly at info@eyebody.com or connect with him during the congress.


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Thursday, 25 August 2022
09:00 h - 11:00 h (9.00am-11.00am)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3007

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