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Alazne Larrinaga
Galway, Ireland

The Role of AT in Exercise as Therapy

Research has shown that exercise can help people with cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and/or COPD problems. Doing Yoga, Tai chi, Resistance Exercises, Flexibility exercises or any other Aerobic Exercises is much easier and more efficient if accompanied by the AT directions.

Our panelists will share their life and work experiences and discuss what worked better or didn’t work. From non exercising due to chronic fatigue, to being able to do almost everything following a particular AT methodology that involved natural breathing and strong self pulls. Putting Yoga, Tai Chi and self developed Qigong methods together with AT has helped to avoid injury and evolve into a greater coordinated movement.

Moderator and panelist:  Alazne Larrinaga

Panelists:Penelope Easten, Caroline Blackshaw, Caren Bayer

About Alazne Larrinaga

Alazne holds a Master in Exercise Physiology and its application in Therapy . She is a qualified Smart Yoga Teacher, Exercise for Health Specialist (REPS Ireland). She holds the BACPR Exercise Instructor Training certificate and Level 4 Cancer Specialist Instructor.
She is a fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher. Alazne also holds a Degree in Economics and a Master in finance from the University of the Basque Country (UPV), Bilbao, Spain. After a career in finance for high-profile companies in Madrid, Pittsburgh, Milan and Bilbao, which lasted for over ten years she began suffering from back pain and postural problems. She discovered she had two bulging disks (L4 and L5) and doctors told her she needed to undergo a risky operation. That’s what led her to train as an Alexander Technique Teacher and now she has been able to function and lead a normal, active life. which includes raising two young children, training at the gym and running.
Alazne has worked as an Alexander Technique Teacher at the training course at the Alexander Technique Centre Ireland, Galway.She continuously works as a private practitioner holding individual and group classes and therapy sessions both in Ireland and abroad.
​Alazne is working at Croí (the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation) with a variety of participants who have suffered from cardiovascular diseases, cognitive function problems, back pain, stress, different types of injuries (knee, neck etc.). She is part of the Safefit Research as part of the Cancerehab.uk working online with Cancer Survivors through Exercise and Alexander Technique as Therapy.


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Panel Discussion
Thursday, 25 August 2022
11:30 h - 13:00 h (11.30am-1.00pm)
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0111

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