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Greg Holdaway

Greg Holdaway
NSW, Australia

The Use of the Self

This workshop is informed by my curiosity about the spatial perception of the self and of the world, how these can fluidly change in activity and how this influences our personal use and the practise of teaching.

The science of attention demonstrates an overwhelming effect; so called ‘internal attention’ interrupts and degrades skilled actions, when compared to ‘external  attention’. This contrasts with science that demonstrates the capacity of the mind to incorporate ‘external’ objects within the sense of self, and meditative practices that reputably can enable radical changes in the sense of self. Alexander teachers report expanding their sense of self, or ‘body schema’ to include their student. So where does the ‘self’ end and the ‘world’ begin? And how do we turn all of this into a practical workshop!

Alexander’s practical teaching was founded upon the use of procedures: chair and table work, monkeys, lunges and whispered Ah’s to name a few. Each of these procedures have the potential to become attentional games, dynamic processes and explorations, both the jumping off point and the arrival place for personal learning and dynamic teaching. Come and explore moving patterns of action and perception, dipping in and out of procedures and principles of the work along the way.

About Greg Holdaway

Hi Congress people, I’m Director of Training at BodyMinded Alexander Technique in Sydney Australia. I have a dance performance background and have been teaching Alexander for 30 years. In that time I have worked with diverse populations of students including tertiary students, musicians, sports people, health practitioners and the general public but am now primarily involved in Alexander teacher training and professional development training for musicians and music teachers.

I have a Masters degree in Human Movement science from the University of Sydney. I’ve conducted collaborative university research into movement teaching methodologies (dance related), and investigated the role of motor imagery in peripheral movement reflexes as part of my degree. I’m now preparing an application and judging if my busy teaching life has room for a science oriented Phd program investigating aspects of coordination related to the Alexander technique.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
10:30 h - 11:45 h (10.30am-11.45am)
Main Building
Floor: 6.OG (6th floor)
Room: H 6124

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