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Carsten Møller

Carsten Møller

Touch, but not shape. Co-regulation as a means whereby

Is it possible to work hands on without conditioning the other, without correcting, and yet support and guide towards more presence and understanding, towards a better use?

This workshop is an invitation to approach hands on work from a non-invasive perspective. Over the years many AT teachers has renounced the use of touch due to possible corrective and manipulative elements of that practice, which can hinder the pupil to own or to really learn something for themselves. I can fully understand this position, but I believe that the use of touch is a cornerstone in teaching the AT. Touching and being touched is a basic act of human relationship, and through touch, it is possible to communicate on deep level, verbally and non-verbally.

Co-regulation in this context means that the individual behind the touching hands, is continuously regulating the self towards presence: Whatever is sensed or perceived in the ‘pupils’ system must at first be dealt with in one’s own system, to be able to be fully present with the other. This brings a sense of being there together, teacher and pupil, exploring possibilities.

Touching means crossing personal boundaries. In order to assure safety, it is necessary to negotiate boundaries before and during a session based on touching, so that the individual being touched is always in control of the situation.

This workshop is based on the perspectives that:

– Whatever the state of use of the pupil is in, it is the perfect version of that specific model of use.

– To step out of the zone of the known/control, there must be safety

– The teacher must always work for establishing a safe environment



About Carsten Møller

Has been active teaching since he trained to become a teacher in Copenhagen 1986-89. In private practice, companies and Art Schools. In 2004 he started his own training course in Copenhagen. He has given workshops for AT teachers in Denmark, Germany and Finland.
40 years of Ki Aikido practice has been a major inspiration in his approach to teaching the AT, notably in areas of movement and mind-body integration.
The Phenomenological view is the undercurrent in his approach to the work: the experience of ‘how it is’ for the pupil, as a important resource in the learning process. With a focus on the experiential aspects, he aims to overcome the binary thinking of right or wrong, towards a more ‘what is possible’ perspective.
The last 10 years he has expanded his professional activities with different systemic therapeutic approaches:
ISP- Integral Somatic Psychotherapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and IFS- Internal Family Systems Therapy, which all are built on supporting the system/body’s own ability to heal.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
12:00 h - 13:15 h (12.00pm-1.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: 3.OG (3rd floor)
Room: H 3012

Practical Teaching Skills||Communication/Verbal Skills



Fully Practical