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Hella Linkmeyer

Hella Linkmeyer
South Africa

Two Films About Walter Carrington

  1. 10 min from “Springtime 2003, Walter Carrington at Work at the Constructive Teaching Centre, London” (complete dvd 2 hours in English). In this excerpt Walter shows “why we pull down”. It was filmed during my post graduate term at the Constructive Teaching Centre, 2 years before Walter passed away. The film shows Walter’s daily teaching routine aged 88, reading from and commenting on Alexander’s “Conscious Constructive Control”. You see Walter taking students through a number of games, assisted by the lovely Ruth Murray and Alan Philps. If one has not met Walter personally, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so.
  2. “Interview with Walter Carrington in 2004: On the Future of the Technique” (DVD 30 minutes long, in English). This interview was filmed after the Oxford Conference in the Constructive Teaching Centre in London, two years before Walter passed away.  After a lifetime of working with the Technique, Walter speaks about why it is important to work on one on one and on “doing less”

About Hella Linkmeyer

• Child- and adulthood in Germany and Southern Africa.
• Study of Arts and culture, at University of Cape Town, South Africa.
• M.A in Literature and History of Art in Munich and Tübingen, Germany.
• Teaching, writing and studying painting in Berlin.
• While teaching literature at a University in Wales ,I had my first lessons in Alexander Technique with Jean Clark and Tony Spawnforth in Bristol in 1983.
• Training as a Teacher of the AT at the International School of AT in Denmark with Karen Wentworth and Chris Stevens from 1984-1987.
• Time in Namibia, where I came into contact with the Bushmen for the first time. I realized the potential for a film when I saw how they lived and went about their lives with such amazing good use. I trained in documentary film making, to organize an expedition in order to film the Bushmen of the Kalahari.
• Since 2018, I have been, living in Cape Town, South Africa


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Tuesday, 23 August 2022
16:00 h - 17:15 h (4.00pm-5.15pm)
Main Building
Floor: EG (ground floor)
Room: H 0111

AT Principles and Procedures||Practical Teaching Skills||AT Games



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