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Anikó Ball

Aniko Ball portrait

Dr. Anikó Ball
Victoria, Australia

B.D.Sc.(Melb), Clin.Dip.Hyp.
Adv. Dip. Alexander Studies
Founder Optimum Dental Posture

Practising as a dentist for over thirty years, Anikó suffered frequently from neck, back and shoulder pain. Doctors and physical therapists offered short-term symptom relief without identifying her condition as work related. She was declared a “hopeless case”, anti-inflammatory medications and surgery seemed her only options. Fortunately, she read about the Alexander Technique, started lessons and got well.

She undertook the training course at the Melbourne Alexander School and founded “Optimum Dental Posture” with the intention of taking the Alexander Technique to the dental profession.

Anikó has presented at Dental Congress/Conference events and CPD courses for dental associations. She teaches dentists, dental hygienists, oral health therapists and dental nurses the inner ergonomic principles of the Alexander Technique translated into dental industry specific applications in clinical settings.

Anikó was a presenter at the 10th & 11th International Alexander Technique Congress.