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Hella Linkmeyer

Hella Linkmeyer

Hella Linkmeyer
Cape Town
South Africa

• Child- and adulthood in Germany and Southern Africa.
• Study of Arts and culture, at University of Cape Town, South Africa.
• M.A in Literature and History of Art in Munich and Tübingen, Germany.
• Teaching, writing and studying painting in Berlin.
• While teaching literature at a University in Wales ,I had my first lessons in Alexander Technique with Jean Clark and Tony Spawnforth in Bristol in 1983.
• Training as a Teacher of the AT at the International School of AT in Denmark with Karen Wentworth and Chris Stevens from 1984-1987.
• Time in Namibia, where I came into contact with the Bushmen for the first time. I realized the potential for a film when I saw how they lived and went about their lives with such amazing good use. I trained in documentary film making, to organize an expedition in order to film the Bushmen of the Kalahari.
• Since 2018, I have been, living in Cape Town, South Africa