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Joe Kaplan

Joe Kaplan

Joe Kaplan

Joe has been a teaching member of ATI since 2018. A musician with a keep technical mind, he applies the Alexander Technique to his work as a composer, pianist, and percussionist as well as many computer-related endeavors. He has scored several dance shorts that have received recognition at festivals around the world. He is also the founder of YAWP Music, an inclusive collaborative community that composes, notates, rehearses, and performs new pieces of music on the spot.

Joe approaches the Alexander Technique from the perspective that FM’s main contribution was philosophical. Analyzing human behavior in terms of “projecting directions” is a novel paradigm shift in the way we understand ourselves. Joe has written several articles relating the Alexander Technique to symbolic logic and other trends in 20th-century philosophy. This technical analysis of the Technique gives his teaching rigor and clarity. His detailed, research-oriented approach has helped him demystify the Alexander Technique for new students by finding the simpler ways to express the nuances of the work.