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Agnes de Brunhoff

Agnes de Brunhoff

Agnes de Brunhoff

Singer and pianist, qualified Alexander Technique teacher, vocal, instrumental and drama coach,
Agnès de Brunhoff\\\’s dual career as both artist and trainer has earned her an international reputation.
In response to the back problems, injuries, nerves and tension which plague so many musicians and
actors, and in the light of her own experience working in film, theatre and concert, she has
developed a revolutionary approach to musical coaching, adapting the Alexander Technique tools
to the demands of instrumental and stage work, her method coming close to that of trainers in the
sports sector.
First at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the European Union Youth Orchestra,
then in her class at the Paris Conservatoire, her method of psychophysical preparation and
application to instrumental practice has proved itself time and again, and she was invited to extend
it to the Paris Opera Academy in 2018.
She launched the Alexander Technique Training Centre (CFTAlexander) in October 2008, and
has since been training teachers in order to extend the professional reach of her method. The Centre
receives visitors from all horizons – music students, people with back problems at work, etc).
The third edition of her 2012/2015 book which is available in translation as “On stage! Back to
yourself with Alexander Technique” was followed in 2017 by another, also available in English as
“Backstage mysteries of body and mind”, and a third book, “L\\\’engagement détaché” (“Detached
engagement”) appeared in 2021, all published by Delatour France