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Célia Jurdant

Célia Jurdant

Célia Jurdant

As a classically trained singer, I graduated to become an alexander teacher in Cologne in 1999, with Mc Donald trained teacher Stan Hobbs. As I started teaching workshops and individuals in firms or institutions, I furthered my learning with countless colleagues and voice teachers such as Kristin Linklater, B.Fertman, N.Kevan, R.Avalon, M.Shinkai, C.Bayer, J. Wolf etc… In 2008, I became the managing director of the teacher training school The AlexanderAlliance in Germany. Since 2017, France is my home from which I lead Alexander trainings in both Strasbourg and Cologne, Germany. In my 25 years of practice, I was invited to teach in Switzerland, Japan, England and the USA. Today I support performers, voice and movement coaches, singers and public speakers in french, english and german, online and in presence, in AT trainings and at my yearly bi-lingual AT summer retreat in Alsace. “Celia’s work is magic. Her touch is wise: it teaches you to connect back to your own wisdom, your own freedom, your own power.” Sasha, writer, capoeira dancer and singer, philosopher, anthropologist