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Antoinette Kranenburg

Antoinette Kranenburg

Antoinette Kranenburg
Maryland, USA

Antoinette Kranenburg had the good luck to be introduced to the Alexander Technique in 1978. She qualified to teach in 1988 and started her private practice. She is certified by Alexander Technique International (A.T.I.) and is an active member of A.T.I.’s Professional Development Committee.
Before moving to the United States, Antoinette earned degrees in psychology and urban planning in the Netherlands.
Antoinette teaches Alexander Technique at Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, US, is guest faculty at the South Bank Alexander Technique Centre, London, UK, and on the faculty of the longstanding Alexander event at the Sevenoaks Retreat Center, near Charlottesville, Virginia, US.
As a parent of a three-year old, Antoinette immersed herself in Adlerian parenting and then became a parenting educator certified by the Parent Encouragement Program. She values the practical and transformative approach of both the Alexander Technique and of Adlerian Psychology and teaches a workshop series that builds on both.
Antoinette works with adults of any age who want to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, while dealing with life’s challenges and opportunities. She works with organizations and individuals, with groups and one-on-one, in-person and online.
Antoinette travels with her tango shoes, and enjoys community singing, yoga, Tai Chi, and the outdoors, all of which are enhanced by the Alexander work.

email: ak@Kensingtonalexander.com
mobile: 01-240-762-9755