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Alexander Technique Liberation Project

Alexander Technique Liberation Project


Gathering in Community at the Intersection of DEI and AT

The AT Liberation Project, formerly ATDC, started in 2016 after the 2015 International Congress in Ireland where the lack of diversity among the attendees and on the main stage was very stark. Six Alexander Technique teachers in the New York City, USA area began meeting regularly to discuss what could be done, and how to move the work of DEI forward in the AT world. ATLP has presented at the ATI conference (2016), the AmSAT Conference (2016 and 2019) the International Congress (2018), and as the Plenary Speakers at the ATI Conference (2021).

DEI work can be complicated and difficult as well as liberating and joyous. Our listening process helps us to navigate this territory. Taking a closer look at our shared values has revealed that our AT tools are essential; we rely on pausing and observing, choice and means-whereby to be collaborative, generative and to embody a liberating process. Listening is an essential part of this group. In the fall of 2020 we undertook a four-month project to define our values, vision and mission. Listening was at the heart of our process, and continues to be as our mission grows and changes.

ATLP volunteers met with Restorative Justice, Nonviolent Communications facilitators, and gathered in Council circles. We listened and surveyed participants in affinity groups to better understand what matters most when building a sense of belonging. From these listening sessions we created mind-maps to see the big picture of the DEI work needed in the Alexander Technique community and in the work itself. We did this so that we could gather together in a way that was safer and more productive for everyone.

The ATLP has been continuously working since 2016. Coming together to learn more about DEI has deepened our commitment to the practice of AT as a process for change. The ATLP welcomes you to participate, too. Join us!