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Penny Spawforth

Penny Spawforth

Penny Spawforth
United Kingdom

Penny Spawforth, daughter of the late Anthony Spawforth who trained with FM Alexander in the early 1950s has been teaching the AT since 1990.
At the Oxford (UK) AT congress in 2006 she heard the keynote address from Bridget Belgrave on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and that set her on a parallel path of discovering what it means to listen and speak and live from an internal place of nonviolence (originally translated from the Sanskrit word Ahimsa). Certifying to be an NVC trainer in 2012, she now offers NVC mediation and training alongside her AT teaching as well as setting up and becoming one of the Directors of a not-for-profit company in 2020 – called NVC Matters – to support NVC being discovered in the UK.
Having trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington in London, she was also greatly influenced by her lessons with Margaret Goldie.
She lives and works in Wales, UK