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Janis Sharkey

Janis Sharkey

Janis Sharkey
New York, USA

Janis has been teaching the Alexander Technique in Katonah, NY (40 miles north of NYC) for over 25 years. Her private practice has included musicians and horse trainers to back pain sufferers as well as Parkinson’s patients.

Twelve years ago she became a nurse and worked in an orthopedic unit for three years, seeing patients having surgery for knee, hip and back injuries.

Nine years ago she began working as a Holistic Nurse. She worked at two NY City hospitals applying various holistic modalities, including the Alexander Technique to patients, staff, doctors, and nurses.

She provided classes on “holistic first aid for nurses”, and stress relief for doctors and other staff. These classes included self-care tips like rest-position and properly adjusting computer screens.

She provided one-on-one care for patients using the Alexander Technique when appropriate. She engaged the use of the Alexander Technique for newborns, ill patients, patients recovering from surgery as well as to para- and quadriplegics.

Four years ago Janis entered a training program to become an Anthroposophic nurse. She is currently in that program and will be attending the Medical Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland in September.

She left hospital work in September 2020. She continues to see Alexander students privately.