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Malte Holstad

Malte Holstad

First I came into contact with the Alexander Technique in 2002 at the beginning of my art school studies. I had an accident at that time and was looking for a gentle way to recover and support the healing process. I still remember my first AT classes pretty vividly. Since then, AT has never left me. In all the places I have lived, I have looked for teachers and opportunities to further deepen the technique.
It was clear to me that I would eventually do the three-year training course, but other things seemed to kept getting in the way. In 2020 I finally made the move and started teacher training with Dan Armon, which I finish this year.
This change of sides, being in both, the pupil and teacher role, was a defining moment for me, where a lot of what I had previously accumulated came together.
My work is informed by a comprehensive knowledge of AT and its various styles. Many years of Zen practice, regular retreats and exchanges, and my background as a visual artist further shape my spirit, understanding and style.