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Clara Sandler

Clara Sandler

Clara Sandler
Massachusetts, USA

Clara Sandler is a classically trained singer, Voice & Alexander Technique instructor in the Boston area. An Alexander Technique International (ATI) and its International Committee member, she teaches at the New England Conservatory, Boston College Music Department and privately.
Clara has performed in opera, oratorio, zarzuela and recitals in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Uruguay and in her native Buenos Aires. She loves to dance and takes Modern dance classes in Boston and has performed with the Lynn Modell Dancers.
Clara has presented the workshop “Voice & Movement, a Flowing Integration” for ATI’s Conference in Ireland, for Freedom to Make Music in New York, at the New England Conservatory in Boston, and online for In the Company of Support summer AT retreat. She has also presented the workshop “Whispered Ah & Walking in Nature” for ATI’s 2020 Conference. Her article “Whispered AH to the Rescue!” appeared in ATI’s ExChange journal.