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Sarah Bonner-Morgan

Sarah Bonner-Morgan

Sarah Bonner-Morgan
Edinburgh City, United Kingdom

I came to the Technique over 40 years ago as a young, rather anxious flute player while studying music at Southampton University. Jaw problems – literal lock-jaw at times – stopped me playing, and singing, and I moved into classical music administration eventually working as a freelance tour manager for baroque orchestras. During that time I had Alexander lessons with Carmen Burton (now Tarnowski) and I trained as a teacher in my mid-thirties with Robin Simmons, Jean Clark and Elisabeth Waterhouse.

A happy meeting on a train station led me to Edinburgh in 1999 to take over a colleague’s flute and Alexander teaching practice while she travelled and I’ve lived here ever since. Here in Edinburgh I’ve been able to quieten my over-stretched nervous system and give myself time to explore my love of improvised voice and dance (5 Rhythms), the internal Chinese martial arts and the beautiful poetry and practices from the Sufi tradition. I play frame-drums and during (and since) lockdown I’ve been learning the Persian Daf with an Iranian teacher in Toronto – the blessings of Zoom!

I have a private teaching practice and I teach Alexander teachers-to-be at the Edinburgh Alexander Training School in Portobello, Edinburgh’s seaside…