AT Congress® Berlin 2022

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Otto Vogt

Otto Vogt

Otto Vogt
Zurich, Switzerland

I came to the Alexander Technique through a chronic sport injury in 1982. I became so fascinated by the AT-work that I took a teacher training with the wonderful teacher Jacqueline Webster. I received the Alexander diploma in 1986 and have been teaching the Alexander Technique without interruption ever since. I have been very fortunate to work with a number of first generation teachers: Margaret Goldie, Patrick McDonald, Walter Carrington, Marjorie Barlow. My great interest in physical health then led me to study osteopathy. I have been working as an osteopath since 1998 and I can proudly say that my most important tool in my practice is the Alexander Technique. Over the years my yearning grew for what is usually called personal growth: understanding one’s self, moving past old emotional pain, and accessing one’s greater potential. I began learning about mindfulness and meditating. I found that this supported me incredibly as a person and I discovered many new insights about the mind-body connection and the Alexander Technique. I then went on to train as a mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MSC, IMP). Since 2009 I have been offering mindfulness training and meditation courses. At the congress in Lugano I led mindfulness workshops and I was happy to see how much this was appreciated by the many participants.