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Kathryn Armour

Kathryn Armour

Kathryn Armour
New York
New York, USA

Kathryn Armour received an MA from the University of Chicago and then trained as a classical singer in Italy and New York.  She taught vocal technique at New York University (Tisch) for 17 years.  Kathryn also trained as an Alexander teacher and was certified by ATI in 2004.  She has been the AT and Voice teacher to the Fiasco Theater Company in NYC since 2011.  She coached the company in two Sondheim revivals produced for Broadway by Roundabout Theater Company.

The Kathryn Armour Studio is located in mid-town Manhattan.  Kathryn also teaches summer AT/Voice intensives at Lake Como, Italy.  She was a presenter at both the Limerick and Chicago Congresses.  She will be assisted in this workshop by her husband and daughter, who are both trained AT teachers.