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Michael Clausnizer

Michael Clausnizer portrait

Michael Clausnizer
Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Michael Clausnizer Curriculum vitae:
1986 Graduation with diploma as music teacher and an artistic degree in piano at the Music Academy of Trossingen.
1999-2001 training as a teacher of the F.M. Alexander technique in Heidelberg.
Followed by a private training as a singer ( tenor ) with instructors of the Music Academy of Stuttgart.
Workshops for students of the Music Academy of Stuttgart playing string, wind, percussion, and keyboard instruments, and singing.
Since 1983 piano teacher at the Filderstadt Music School.
He performs concerts at home and abroad as piano soloist and chamber musician and since 2007 also as vocal soloist
Head of the counseling center for musicians’ health at the Filderstadt Music School.