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Congress Program Overview

The Congress program consist of several program categories.

Below, we give you a brief description of each Congress program item.

The Congress program has many familiar elements (Workshops, Continuous Learning, Keynote Presentations…) but also some more distinctive features, some of which are newcomers to the Congress schedule.

We are aware that this means a longer read but we feel it is really worth it.
Please take some time to familiarize yourself with all the program items and enjoy everything we have in store for you!

Are you looking for the timetable for the week?
We have a dedicated page for this, check out the Congress Timetable

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Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning (CL) sessions are given by very experienced Alexander Technique teachers. Choose two different classes running over two days each.

Continuous Learning

Loved and cherished Continuous Learning sessions are back, of course!

Check out our presenters’ bios and class descriptions to find your favourites.

Information about the ratio of practical/doing/active time to lecture style time is also included to allow you to understand not only what you are going to learn but also how.


How-to sessions run parallel to the CL. Daily  sessions with teachers who have deep knowledge on specific topics.

New: How-to Sessions

How-to is a new event type at the Congress.

In these two-hour sessions you will be able to explore
a wide range of areas where the Alexander Technique can be applied and learn how-to talk to specific audiences.

Think eyesight, marketing, working with companies, working online and many more.

Keynote Presentations

Plenary Sessions

Special presentations by renowned speakers from outside and inside of our AT community.

Keynote Presentations

These are special presentations given by outstanding experts who will inspire us, educate and stimulate our curiosity.

Followed by Q&As and panel discussions and definitely not to be missed events.

The Keynote presentations are open to all and will be held in the beautiful setting of the TU’s auditorium. 


Workshops are your chance to showcase the work. This year we offer three different  durations: Mini (30 min.), Medium (75 min.), and, to dive deep into a subject, XL workshops (150 min.).


Mini, Medium and XL

Workshops are the cornerstone of every Congress. According to our Online Survey,  they are the second most attractive part of any Alexander Technique Congress – second only to the Continuous Learning sessions.

This time, we are offering three different time lengths of workshops to allow you to match you energy levels. Every day of the week, except for Thursday, there will be at least two Mini or Medium and one XL running in parallel.

We hope this will help you decide how much free time you want for swaps, chats or resting, without missing out.


Morning & Evening

Activities have doubled up and will now take place in the mornings as well as in the evenings!

Running, Tai-Chi, Meditation, Yoga and more…


Morning & NEW: Evening Activities

Running, Tai Chi and Yoga have been an early bird thing the past few Congresses and will stay like that. However, for all the night owls out there  we are adding evening activities as well. 

And we would like to invite more teachers to offer more activities than ever. Considering walking, singing, Qi-Gong, meditation, movement & dancing and AT games.

Let us know if there is an activity you would like to lead.

Teatime Conversations

Special interest groups – talks about a specific theme with a moderator and those who are interested in the topic.

Meet, share and learn from each other and maybe even create something new.


NEW: Teatime Conversations

Meet in special interest groups, over tea, coffee and biscuits or cookies, and talk about a theme close to your heart.

This is your chance to meet other teachers, share, learn from each other and maybe create something new.

Each conversation has been suggested by one or two teachers, who are also the facilitators for each group.

You can just walk up to a session, no booking is required.


Meet new teachers from around the world. Get to know their style and receive practical tips.

Share your own knowledge and insights in turn.

You may also not swap and just teach or ask for a lesson.

Work Exchange

and Individual Lessons

Open from Tuesday in Room H 3006
Daily 9.00 – 20.00h (9am-8pm)

Thursday (free) afternoon open, but without a dedicated helper presence.
Sunday open from 9.00 – 11.00h (9-11am)

If you are comfortable going elsewhere, we recommend the beautiful Lichthof (“Angel Hall”). Or any of the great open spaces around campus.

And of course, the park behind the Main Building is an excellent outdoor option!

Panel Discussions

The perfect opportunity to explore a variety of topics from different perspectives. 

Get inspired, ask questions and join in the discussion!

Panel Discussions

We had them in Chicago, and they were great – so much passion, so many ideas! Let’s have some more to find out where the Technique is going now.

What is going on in education? How can we connect with the medical profession? How do we work with addictions? What are best strategies for inclusion and diversity? How can we support cancer patients? And much more.

Would you like to present on such a panel? Do you have a hot AT topic that you would like to move forward and discuss with the AT community?

Let us know so that we can plan accordingly.

Bob's Corner

Latest program updates, highlights of  events that have happened throughout the day as well as information about the following day. Plus, a daily fun German language lesson.

A short Congress segment with Bob and a daily special guest you do not want to miss!

NEW: Bob’s Corner

Every evening, Robert Britton will host a 20- to 30-minute plenary session to provide participants with the latest updates on the program, cover housekeeping issues and administrative information.

Professional actress, fabulous reading voice and brilliant teacher Andrea Julia Roháč will have fun with the German language and teach you some useful words.

Furthermore, and this was very important to us, he will share the stage with different special guests every evening to give you brief but deep Alexander Technique impulses and insights.

You don’t want to miss this!

Open Space

A week full of events can be a lot to take in and to process. This is why we make sure everyday there will be time with no official programme. It will be your time and space open to whatever you feel like doing, not-doing or perhaps even non-doing.

New: Open Space

We all need some me time sometimes and a week full of events and activities is a lot to take in. That is why, every day, you will find an empty time slot in the Congress timetable. 

Get a coffee, hang out with friends, do a work-exchange, take a walk through Tiergarten or along the Landwehrkanal or the Spree river. Or find a quiet place to be alone and re-charge. We will have a couple of rooms designated as “quiet rooms” just for that.

In essence, the Open Space belongs to you, every day. You make it whatever you would like it to be.

Evening Entertainment

The Congress is a place for everyone. Let’s celebrate our vibrant community. With music, games, walks, dance, movies and more!

Evening Entertainment

With music, games, walks, dance and movies, every evening is a chance to get together, spend time with your friends, make new ones, and have fun. You can even keep the learning going with the AT movie nights!

Plus: There’s a daily Cocktail Bar!


Congress Walks

Let’s raise public Alexander Technique awareness in Berlin!

On Thursday afternoon we stroll through Berlin, and exchange work in front of major sights

= Flashmobs!

NEW: Congress Walks

Berlin is such a lively and exciting city, full of strong contrasts, beauty, culture, history and progress. We are right in the middle of it all, and we are planning to use it and allow the Technique to make an impact.

On Thursday afternoon, we let people in Berlin know we are here!

We are planning a series of guided walks to famous sights and exchange work there! Perhaps a flash mob semi-supine in Alexanderplatz, walking and running through Tiergarten, hands-on in front of the Brandenburg Gate?!

The possibilities are exciting. Do you have an idea? Please let us know! 

Free Afternoon

Sightseeing /
Congress Boat Tour

Thursday afternoon is free.
Use the time off to explore the endless sights Berlin has to offer.

Or join us on the Evening Dinner Boat Tour, exclusively for Congress participants!

Free Afternoon

Sightseeing / Congress Boat Tour

Traditionally, Thursday afternoon is free and there are no regular Congress sessions planned (other than the new public events mentioned above).

We are very happy to present a Dinner Boat Tour. Experience Berlin from the water & see the best of the city from a different perspective. Exclusively for Congress participants, this 2,5 hour boat trip along the beautiful Spree river and its canals gives you a perfect opportunity to connect with fellow congress participants.