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Updates to the Booklet

Below you’ll find all the updates and changes that occurred since the Congress Program Booklet has been printed. Please make sure that you bookmark this page.

We’ll add to it as things develop and changes to the program occur.

It will also be displayed on our info screen and at our Info Desk in the Main Building.



Page 13: Saturday, 27 August – Plenary Session

Title and presenter updated
Storytelling with teachers making AT history | Presenters to be announced
Our stories, with Galen Cranz

Page 13: Saturday, 27 August – Open Space

Wrong Time
11.45h -12.45h (11.45am – 12.45pm)
17:00-18:00h (5-6pm)

Continuous Learning / How-to / Workshops

Page 42: Chyna Whyne | HT

all How-to sessions cancelled.

Page 41: Christoph Bacher – Natural Movement with the Alexander Technique | WORKSHOP-XL

Workshop Style changed
Fully Practical

Page 100: Michael Vogler | Talking Less, Getting More? An Experimental Workshop | Workshop Medium

Workshop cancelled

Page 103-104: Nadia Kevan | CL + HT + Workshop

all Continuous Learning, How-To sessions and workshops cancelled

Page 127: Robyn Avalon – Crafting the Container: The Art of Group Teaching & Crafting Alexander Experiences | CL

Workshop Style changed
Mostly Lecture
Fully Practical

Page 133: Rossella Buono – For the Love of Games | WORKSHOP XL

30 minutes shorter
10.30h -13.00h (10.30am – 1.00pm)
10.30h -12.30h (10.30am – 12.30pm)

Page 133: Rosa Luisa Rossi – Secrets of Successful Project Planning Revealed! How to catch people’s attention and promote your work | How-to

Room changed
H 0106
MA 841

Teatime Conversations

Page 161: Jennifer Mizenko – Seeing White, what does this mean and why is it important to an AT teacher?

Room changed
H 3005
H 3013

Page 164: Raquel Cavalcanti, Korina Biggs & Ainesh Madan – Teatime in Movement

Room changed
H 3013
H 3005